77 laws of success with women and dating pdf converter

77 Laws of Success with Women and Dating by David DeAngelo

77 laws of success with women and dating pdf converter

If women's paid employment rates were raised to the same level as men's, the Gender differences in laws affect both developing and developed economies, and Report to the MCM draktbutikk.info p. Be a leader. Lead her to fun. For some reason women usually have a block and don't do what they enjoy all the easily, they are usually very. 77 Laws is a quick reference to review everything have taught you, quickly and I call this program The 77 Laws Of Success With Women And Dating, and it's . my newsletters or the Double Your Dating eBook then you probably realize by .

You can fake confidence, but women always see through it at some point. If you want lasting success with women, you need to build confidence first. Not arrogance, which is just an appalling shield very insecure men or women throw up. The other side is being meek, self-loathing and overly subservient.

Toss the insecurity coin away and build genuine confidence. Evict Your Inner Wussy. But it is wrong. Stop being a wussy. This law sounds like an invitation to beat yourself up. Venting helps once in a while, but on the whole you always have to: Is it worth fixing?

If yes, what are going to do about it? Build a Powerful, capable self-image that you love. A picture of you that you carry inside yourself. Get a clear picture of the person you want to be. Ask yourself — am I the person who I want to be? Make it as clear and vivid as possible so that you can feel yourself living it.

77 laws of success with women and dating pdf converter

Move your frame of reference inside. You should look on the inside to figure out if everyone else is on the right page. You are in competition with yourself and have to keep things to your own standards — not the standards of others. Have an inner focus control. It is your life and you are responsible for it — so do whatever is right to achieve and live the life that you want to live.

77 laws of success with women and dating pdf

I would say, follow this law in matters that are really close to your heart. Stop making identity meaning out of external events. If others disapprove of what you do then it is their problem, not yours. I can provide a lot more to her than she can provide to me. It sounds very arrogant.

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Eliminate failure by learning from it. You have not failed — I am not a failure because something has not worked out. Plus there is no failure — it is just a lesson you have learnt in how not to do it. Be logical in analysing things. You will see that the lesson you have learnt would be far more valuable than the cost you have paid.

You could take this one a step further and treat everything as though it was a gift. Compare your progress and success only to yourself, not to others. Decide your path and stick to it.

Run your own race. Focus on achieving your own end goals and results that you want. Take yourself to the next level. Get motivated by their progress that they are doing something to achieve it.

Take inspiration and learn lessons. Just focus on doing what is right and needs to be done to achieve your own end goals. Just think — did I do the best I could, honestly. If you see someone who is in a place you want to be, then compare their actions, the path that took them there, and look for learning opportunities. Evolve constantly and consciously — always seek the next level and paradigm. Keep looking for the next level.

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You have never arrived. Keep thinking — what is the next level and how do I reach there. Build a high status self image. Go in expecting that you will be the high status person in the room. You are the rockstar and will have the attention of others. Make things fun and connect with people — make people smile and have fun yourself. This one is a recipe for arrogance. No need to go over the top.

It makes people respect you when you know how to apologize at the right time. Only apologize when you have clearly made a mistake. Do what you want to do and not what others expect you to do. Not seeking external approval means having confidence in yourself and your decisions. This is a highly attractive mindset for women and men. Some people play to not lose and some people play to win.

Take the right decision, which may not always be the easiest, and play to win. The right decision is not always the easiest and the easiest decision is not always right. It is your life and you are responsible for it, no one else. So do the right thing. People are allergic to neediness, it makes them feel that you want something from them, and it scares them or freaks them out.

You are as much part of this world as anyone else. Let people earn your respect and approval. It should always be a reward when they earn it. It will rip your self-worth apart. Stop Trading Status for Approval. Be in control, lead. Be the person who is net-positive dominant. Let people earn your attention and make them go through hoops before you give them respect. Let them earn it. Untangle past, present and future. Life for now and for the moment. Consider short term, medium term and long term gratification of everything that you are about to do.

Do what is right in the long run. Live for the moment. You always tend to overestimate the future loss or reward. Just deal with it when it arises. Fear in our present society is largely overrated. People these days are afraid to change jobs, they are not dealing with the fear of trying to snatch a piece of meat from a lion in that case fear makes sense.

If you hate a job quit the first month or even sooner. If you feel like starting a business start it. Surround yourself with success models. Be it people, books, audio or videos. Get inspired and surround yourself with success and vision of what you want to be in future.

Focus on success and what you want to achieve in the long run. I see this happening with a lot of people. Yes, learn from role models, but at some point you have to start doing. The only way to get over fear, is to confront it. And no amount of preparation can shield you from making mistakes. Go make some mistakes.

Know your path or purpose in life and stay on it. Rememberber what you are doing it all for. Any man who tries to chase two rabbits gets none. Focus on one thing at a time, it is lot more efficient. Explore new places and cultures. Go learn from them and meet new people. List everything that you learn and impliment it. So, if by travelling you mean seek out interesting people, yes, I agree.

Get in touch with your ideal life. Notice your breath and learn to control it. Make your model and reality as real as possible and make it the center of your life. Carry some reminders with you everywhere you go. Focus on your core skills, your inner game and tactics will fall in place. Put in the time to learn the thing properly and do what needs to be done.

Accept and Embrace the transition anexiety as an opportunity to see things from a beginners perspective automatically. When you do a new thing, you are out of your comfort zone. Do what is right. Just do it if you have to do it. You will learn only by practicing it correctly. Just keep at it — learn and embrace the transitionb. Make it a game — compete with yourself.

How good are the 77 laws of success with Women and Dating by David Deangelo?

Anexiety is a natural part of transition. This is true for any skill you may want to learn. Learn to enjoy the process of learning more than the actual result of learning. This is one of the best ways to feel more fulfilled. Teach others every great thing that you learn, immediately.

If you teach it, you learn it a lot faster and can internalize it much better. Maybe blog about it, have a private mastermind or talk about it with a friend. Apply what you learn.

As Bruce Lee is said to have said: Never whine, bitch or complain. That is just your perception of things and not really the reality of how it is. I think he already said that… Objectify your demons so that you control them instead of them controlling you. Yes, be very aware of how your mind operates, and be honest to yourself. Call a spade a spade. Get good quality feedback on this mental process from people you really trust.

Become selfish so that you can become generous. Make yourself a priority in your life and do what is right for yourself and achieving the goals that you want to achieve. Be independent and focus on yourself. You can give more, if you take care of yourself first. Remember those signs in airplanes urging you to put on the emergency mask on yourself first, and only then on your child.

Surround yourself with success models and eliminate failure models from your life and mind. Split test everything and stick to winners. Keep track of the lessons that you learn, write them down and do more of whatever works.

They say the definition of madness is to keep doing the same thing expecting different results… Be complete and be balanced. If you lose your emotions on something, that means you have to work on it. If others freak out, you instead have to become calmer and a cold-calculating machine. This one made me laugh out loud, almost. Just be in touch with your emotions and your needs and have a strategy to deal with sitations that could cause you to panic.

Do not become a cold-calculating machine. Prove to yourself over and over that you can deal with rejection. You can bring a lot more into her life than she can bring into yours. I am the shiznit. This is a lousy law, and shows insecurity and arrogance on the part of Deangelo.

This is a little bit in contradiction with an earlier law to not analyze rejection. If someone rejects you, fine. You might learn something. But to go and say: Sometimes two people meet and nothing happens. See law number one and just accept that.

Learn to sacrifice short-term gratification for long term success. Do it strategically to achieve specific goals and milestones and not just for the sake of it.

Decide what you need to do, how you are going to do it and do whatever it takes to achieve those goals, including if it means going out of your comfort zone or making short term sacrifices.

You are not mind-fucking youself. Finish what you start and be very selective about what you start. Is it really leading you some place you want to go? Is that the one thing you should be focussing on right now? Learn to always enjoy youself no matter what is happening around you.

77 laws of success with women and dating pdf converter

You make your own reality. Value yourself and your time more than any other women. Put your priorities first and before anyone. Haha, yes, get unagi! By the way, if you do develop degree vision, call a doctor.

77 Laws - Go To Work On Yourself

Learn to control your emotions. Do not ever use logical arguments to try and convince her to be with you. Make her FEEL excitement, do not tell her why she should be feeling excited… This is a typical guy mistake.

Introduce her to new things. Speak and act with confidence, but not arrogance. All these laws will have more impact if you look sexy. There are plenty of simple things you can do to look sexier. Have your eyebrows trimmed. If you really like her ask her out more than once.

If you leave enough time between asking and stay respectful and polite, you can keep asking her out. Stay cheerful about it. Women are the sexual selectors. Women rate 85 percent of men on dating sites as below average in attraction. This means that only a fraction of men appeals to women. In my student days I was perceived as having above average social status and in that period women regularly asked me out on dates.

I had no idea at the time what exactly was causing this. Status makes women show initiative. It can of course be very labor intensive to achieve that status. The short cut is to act high status without actually having it. Women are attracted by effort, by how determined you are to become a better version of you and how much positive impact you want to make on others Build the romance gradually. Romance is more appreciated later on in the relationship. If you get physical early on, it boosts her attraction to you.

If nothing happens, the opposite happens. If nothing happens early on she will look for reasons as to why you are not the right guy for her. Women see a relationship as something that just happens naturally, fast, something that overcomes them.

Why women always say: They also hate the idea that you could be doing anything deliberately to seduce them. For women seduction needs to magically happen, tactics are not alllowed.

77 laws of success with women and dating pdf converter

The trouble with this is that women find certain behavior attractive and some behavior repulsive or at least attraction killing. Plus, men are highly hierarchically attuned and most men display behavior that either shows how lowly they feel very low self confidence or tries to mask their lowly status arrogance. Both behaviors chase women away. Most men who want to be succesful with women need to learn how to be attractive. Women find this manipulative. But for lots of men it makes the difference between sitting around waiting for that rare woman who wants them or being succesful with women and being able to choose which kind of woman he wants to be with.

It does NOT help me when it comes to dating. Attraction is about emotions, about getting physical. What they do find attractive is when you can be witty and can react very fast and to the point during conversations.

Fake it till you make it. Take her hand, touch her hair, whisper in her ear, say stuff only a boyfriend would say. Slow, slow, slow, slow, slow foreplay.

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  • 77 Laws of Success with Women and Dating

Also praise her body abundantly and with conviction. Oh, and in bed nothing turns her on more than feeling intensely desired. When it comes to technique every woman is different, so the move that sent your ex to seventh heaven could very well be torture to your new lady. Get her in the mood and listen. Oh, and the majority of women will climax through tongue action, and not penis action, though they enjoy both.

A good dates takes some planning. Also, quite a few women prefer to sleep in their own bed, especially if they have important stuff to do the next day. They are looking for a guy. Some guys think that in order to be liked by women they have to do and like things that women do and like. Women are looking for men. Sure, you can have similarities, but your attitude should be masculine. Plus, they will constantly give you good quality feedback on where you are in life, more so than your male friends.

Having lots of women around will also make you less nervous around women. Have a clear idea of what kind of women you like and what kind of women you vibe with. Like proud, independent, artistic women react well to me, whereas women with a nine to five job usually find me too weird. Text, call or message her the day after the first time you sleep together. Value your own time. Give her attention, but not to such an extent that your career starts to suffer. Once in a relationship hug her for no reason, daily, without expecting sex to follow.

Unconditional hugs keep her happy Never embarass her in front of her friends Keep surprising her, but with little things. Send a box with her favorite candy and soda to her work. Be responsible, if you want her to stick around It takes two to tango. The healthier that relationship the easier it will be to build a healthy long lasting relationship with her. This will tell you if you have matching values. She needs some time alone to regenerate. Being jealous by itself is not going to keep her from sleeping with someone else if she really wants to.

Women tend to have more stress from their husbands than from her children. What does that mean? That men mistake their wives for their mums. If she has some annoying habit, just tell her. But say at least 5 positive things about her for every point of criticism.