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Night of the Huntress! Season 1, Episode Night of the Huntress! Air date, May 8, Written by, Adam Beechen. Directed by, Ben Jones. Episode guide. So if youre brave and bold join Batman: The Brave and the Bold right TV- NRSubtitles and Closed Captions Language: English Runtime: 22 minutes Release date: November 13, . gladiators to War World, the old west bounty hunter wrangles the Dark Knight. . Format, Prime Video (streaming online video). So if youre brave and bold join Batman: The Brave and the Bold right here. . Night of the Huntress! . Format, Prime Video (streaming online video).

Together they travel to Adam Strange's home planet of Rann, where the aquatic hero washes away his birthday blues with an epic battle against the Gordanians. Trials of the Demon!

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Batman travels back in time and teams with Sherlock Holmes to stop Gentleman Ghost before he brings a demon from the underworld to Earth. Night of the Huntress! Blue Beetle develops a crush on the slightly older and far-more-dangerous femme fatale Huntress who kinda has a thing for Batsbut there is little time for love with Baby Face busting his gang out of prison for a major heist. Menace of the Conqueror Caveman! In his quest for fame, he unwittingly enables the immortal tyrant Vandal Savage to carry out his nefarious plot.

The Color of Revenge! Batman and Robin team up again, but it's not like it always was - there was a reason Robin left to go work on his own. As Crazy Quilt comes after Robin for revenge, all the dirty laundry comes out between the dynamic duo.

Legends of the Dark Mite! Batman's biggest fan, Bat-Mite, is also his biggest nightmare when the 5thdimensional imp pops up and, in an effort to make Batman a better hero,causes chaos in the city. Hail the Tornado Tyrant! Red Tornado attempts to create a being that will possess the one thing he lacks: His experiment goes awry after an attack from Major Disaster and his "Tornado Champion" quickly turns to the dark side.

Duel of the Double Crossers! After a change of heart, Hex and Batman team up to take down the violent empire. The Last Bat on Earth!

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Gorilla Grodd travel's to the future where intelligent animals rule humans - Batman follows him and teams with Kamandi the last boy on Earth to bring him down. The all-American fighting machine OMAC is pitted against the equally destructive Shrapnel in a chaotic fight to the finish, but the architect behind the battle is the mysterious, balance-obsessed villain Libra.

The Fate of Equinox! Batman has his final battle with the balance-obsessed villain Equinox as the maniac tries to remake the universe in his own image. Mayhem of the Music Meister! Batman and Black Canary are pitted against Music Meister, who is able to exert powerful mind control through song. When he hijacks a communications satellite, the entire world becomes subject to his musical bidding. Batman and the Outsiders are under a metaphysical attack by Psycho Pirate.

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Batman enters the Mindscape and helps Black Lightning, Katana and Metamorpho battle their own personal demons. If that description doesn't sound like fun to you, this clearly isn't the show for you.

As is the case with each installment of this series, the episode is driven by an amusing moral lesson, and once again the rookie Blue Beetle serves as Batman's pupil. In the business of crime fighting, it's best to let your big head do all of the thinking.

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Or, as Batman so hilariously and succinctly puts it to Ms. Manface, "the hammer of justice is unisex!

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Manface relationship provide most of the episode's big laughs, which are delivered as frequently as the high-octane action set pieces. The villainous Calculator also steps in for a brief cameo that delivers a few chuckles, as the series re-imagines him as a chubby, middle-aged computer geek that operates his criminal enterprise out of his mother's basement. More so than any previous episode, this week's episode is relentless with the jokes, which is a large reason why it's one of the best installments to date.

The Brave and the Bold premiered, many Bat-fans had some reservations about the show's irreverent and lighthearted tone. After a few early growing pains that seemed to justify those early reservations, the show is now blossoming into an absurd and tremendously enjoyable romp through the superhero genre that's unlike any other Batman show this side of Adam West. Though some comics fans unable to mix the Dark Knight and comedy will surely continue to hate it, I for one am glad it's around to have some fun with the source material.