Diane keaton and jack nicholson dating

Diane Keaton interview: 'I'm going to say what I think' - Telegraph

diane keaton and jack nicholson dating

Diane Keaton's acting was so good in 'Something's Gotta Give' that Jack Nicholson honestly believed she professed her love for him in one. Diane Keaton and Jack Nicholson may both have lifetime achievement awards from the American Film Institute, but Keaton can still out-act. The actor was apparently fooled into thinking Keaton had fallen in love with Diane Keaton Fooled Jack Nicholson Into Believing She Really.

Pacino looms large in the Mount Rushmore of co-stars who have played a leading role in Ms. She fell in love or lust with him at first sight when they met in a Manhattan bar after being cast in The Godfather. Pacino, Allen and Beatty, among others. Keaton found herself in situations where both partners in the match were emotionally needy people who wanted to be loved by large crowds of people.

Keaton never married, she did become a mother relatively later in life when she decided to adopt.

Diane Keaton interview: 'I'm going to say what I think'

I loved the romance of my family. I was sort of afraid of my dad but I admired him and I loved him. But that was family.

diane keaton and jack nicholson dating

It was easy for me to be a daughter. I really did well as a daughter. Beatty, perhaps the most classically beautiful of the men in her past.

diane keaton and jack nicholson dating

Even now, discussing Mr. He was Rhett to her Scarlett with Reds, the Oscar-winner about the love affair between radical journalists Louise Bryant and John Reed while covering the Russian revolution. They have a marriage and what is it, 20 or 25 years? He was just really complex and really brilliant and really dazzling and there you are, [me]: You think about that kind of ambition to take on such a massive project that is so hard. The point is that our relationship was too much for me, I think.

And I think he knew that, too.

Jack Nicholson and Diane Keaton are asked strange questions

Keaton and Jack Nicholson remain close friends. Warren was just larger than life. They remain close, regularly lunching together at Mr. The character of Annie Hall — complete with kooky mannerisms and self-deprecating sense of humour — was based on Keaton herself.

Keaton with Woody Allen in the seventies. It was too much. I remember there was a period when I was with him and he read all of Dostoevsky and then all of Tolstoy, he was learning French and playing the clarinet every day. In addition she is a photographer, singer, author and property developer, renovating and redesigning fabulous houses. Madonna was one of her clients, buying a Beverly Hills home from Keaton in You just let your mind go and picture a dream. That was a once-in-a-lifetime situation.

Her co-star is Robert De Niro. I really liked him. More and more I think of life — as I look at that ocean out there — as a complete mystery. There is no explanation for anything at all, nothing to take for granted. Those poor people inside.

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The wonder of it. The mystery of it. Despite the ditzy image, Keaton clearly has a sliver of steel.

diane keaton and jack nicholson dating

I really wanted it. I went for that dream.

diane keaton and jack nicholson dating

Dreams can turn on you.