Different world ron and freddie start dating

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different world ron and freddie start dating

A description of tropes appearing in A Different World. dating Suzanne, and trying to attract Whitley's attention, poor Freddie doesn't even stand a chance. It doesn't help Ron's case that he lives and breathes this trope, though. . Derailing Love Interests: Kinu starts out perfectly nice, but gets bitchier as time goes on. Ron and Freddie cannot stand to see one another with other mates. Kim realizes that she and Ron have no chemistry, so they decide to break up. Ron stops. Then the next morning, Ron has to stay with Kim and Freddie wakes up not to have the ex girlfriend still around popping up and interfering.

In one episode, Lena is babysitting for Jaleesa's baby while Colonel Taylor is hosting Byron's bachelor party. Ron makes pina coladas and decides to use the milk in the fridge.

different world ron and freddie start dating

Cue several spit takes when Lena comes down to get the breast milk for the baby. Also counts as You're Drinking Breast Milk. I Have No Son! Dwayne's mom sends a funeral wreath, complete with a note saying "Call me when you divorce "Miss Thing"" to show her displeasure at him and Whitley getting hitched and refuses to speak to him or take his calls.

She gets better by the end, though. According to Ron, his dad says this to him in reaction to him not wanting to join the family used car sales business. Kinu, upon realizing that Dwayne still carries a torch for Whitley that he's not exactly trying to extinguish, chooses to leave the relationship with her dignity intact rather than fighting to win his heart anymore. Jerkass Has a Point: Kinu's a complete bitch by the time she leaves the show, but her reason is completely legitimate—she's fed up with Whitley's constant interference in hers and Dwayne's relationship and Dwayne's refusal to do anything about it.

The art director Whitley reports to hits on her and when she attempts to report him for sexual harassment, he turns it around and accuses her of making all the advances. This nearly gets her fired and she's only able to get any recompense by threatening to go above the director and his boss's heads for not investigating her allegation.

Not only is this implied to have been a drawn-out and stressful process, but the ending narration states that all he got was a reprimand and she still has to report to him. The episode where Dwayne and Ron get into a racial scuffle with three white students from a rival university after one of them starts spray-painting the n-word onto Ron's car; while they were straightening things out in the campus cooler, someone else presumably another white student finished the job and will likely never be disciplined for it.

There's also the woman who outconned Ron out of car sale and got him fired and the used car sales manager from the same episode; both get off scot free.

different world ron and freddie start dating

The rednecks who harass Terell and Charmagne by chasing them off the road in their truck offscreen in one episode are apparently never punished for it.

Somehow, Dwayne and Whitley manage to get away with upstaging Byron's wedding to her without any repercussions.

different world ron and freddie start dating

Mind you, this is after Byron was elected senator, so he really could have messed up their lives had he wanted. The sixth and final season put the heavy focus on incoming students at Hillman, including one recurring character from the recently ended Cosby Show after the main characters graduated, and Dwayne and Whitley married, in the previous season; Jalessa vanished from the series; the theme song was redone againand now sung by Boyz II Menreplacing Aretha Franklin.

Left At The Altar: Walter and Jaleesa mutually do this to each other when they decide they aren't ready for marriage. Like an Old Married Couple: Dwayne and Whitley have had this going on even before they started dating much less marrying each other.

Likewise for Ron and Freddie. In regards to the Gulf War and AIDS episode, there may be an unfortunate reason why neither character was ever seen or heard from again. Taylor, who's served in Vietnam and has two college-aged children putting him in his late 40's at least, and Jaleesa, who while being older than her more traditional classmates is still in her late 20's.

My Sister Is Off-Limits! Ron to everyone, Dwayne included, when his sister visits Hillman. A later episode has him dating Walter's niece, which Walter is none to enthused about. One episode has Whitley confessing to Dean Hughes that when she initially came to Hillman, this was her plan, complete with a wedding the day after graduation and using her art history degree to pick out the right paintings to decorate the living room.

They run this plot with Whitley three times technically.

A Different World (6th Season Episode Guide)

The first season, she's surprised with a cake by the main cast. Then, on her 21st b-day, she assumes everyone forgot, gets drunk and nearly makes out with a photo of Denzel Washingtonbut is given a "spinster" dinner by her dorm mates, and receives some sentimental gifts from Dwayne and Julian.

Angered by Whitley mistaking her for a maid, Dwayne's mother is relentlessly nasty to Whitley throughout their relationship, despite her repeated, sincere attempts at making amends for this. It gets cranked Up to Eleven after Dwayne and Whitley marry, with her sending them a funeral wreath with a note that says, "Call me when you divorce Ms.

Thang," then apparently holding firm to this, as Dwayne mentions that she hangs up on him every time he calls. After she leaves, Kim somewhat fills the role. Whitley owned a few furs. Although she was spoiled and materialistic, they didn't disappear as she got Character Development.

Put on a Bus: When Season 2 begins it's explained that Denise isn't coming back to Hillman for another term. An episode in which Ron and Dwayne get into a brawl with three white students from a rival college is depicted as it really happened both sets of students saying and doing things to provoke each other, culminating in one of the white students vandalizing Ron's carthen from Ron's point of view showing himself and Dwayne as completely innocent and depicting the one white student who was trying to stop the incident from escalating as equally aggressive as his friendsthen from the white students claiming that Ron and Dwayne were the aggressors and omitting the damage done to Ron's car.

The series does a darn good job of driving home that paying for college is anything but cheap. Not even Whitley is immune to it. See Broke Episode above. Unsurprisingly, there were several with its parent series. Cliff appeared in cameos during phone conversations, while Claire, Theo, Rudy, and Grandpa Russell each visited Hillman.

After Denise's departure, Claire still made appearances and Vanessa made one.

College Love Lessons as told by A Different World

In a later episode, Dwayne visits Denise in her final appearance on the series and meets Olivia. Lance and Charmaine also appeared in Season 5, with the latter joining the cast the next season. Whitley initially, although this was toned down over time.

Ripped from the Headlines: When Whitley is sexually harassed by her boss. He chastises her for filing a complaint, telling her, "There are far too few of us African-Americans in the corporate world.

We owe it to our people to present a united front. For Whitley, there's Julian and Byron whom she almost married. Ron dates Millie and Kim before his relationship with Freddie, who dated Ernest, Garth, and Shazza Zulu and had a rather lengthy, if unreciprocated, crush on Dwayne before him. Kim dated Robert, Freddie's cousin Matthew, and Ron before hooking up with her eventual fiance Spencer, and Jaleesa almost married Walter before shocking everyone and eloping with Col.

A Different World Hillman Reunion: What's Ron doing now?

Whitley literally leaves fiance Byron at the altar to run down the aisle into Dwayne's arms. Between Dwayne and Whitley before they finally got together, even when Denise was still in the picture. Usually Freddie, but others had their turns. Includes several appearances of cast members from parent series The Cosby Show ; as well as appearances from Montel Williams and Jesse Jackson.

Dwayne after he becomes an adjunctWhitley, and Dr. Barnabus Foster also count. In one episode, Whitley disguises herself as a guy and makes some sexist comments comparing her and other girls' "ass"-sets in an attempt to bag Dwayne for cheating or at least for entertaining the thought.

He sees through it but goes along with it just to mess with her.

Freddie Brooks

Barnabus Foster stands out among the faculty for his eloquence and vast literary knowledge. Being portrayed by Roscoe Lee Browne helps. Maggie in the first season, and Freddie's cousin Matthew later on. Stevie, Lettie, Dwayne's mom Patti Labelle. During the single phase, think about what you want in your next relationship, and what you will and will not deal with. Have your standards and never settle for less.

The right man will come along and exceed your expectations. Two people who are very similar with things they like, support, and represent can make the relationship a lot more interesting. Freddie and Shazza fit perfectly because they were both environmentally conscious, fought for their rights and the rights of others, and genuinely supported each other. The person you are in a relationship should be and want to be your biggest supporter and be interested in things you like.

You should be able to talk about anything and support each other.

Having that support system and knowing you have someone in your corner will give the relationship a sense of peace and will definitely bring happiness. He wanted to prove to her that his single life and noncommittal relations were over and was serious about being with her.

However, as Ron is trying to work on his relationship with Kim, he has a moment with Freddie and kisses her, which lead to secret feelings and hookups, and an almost friendship breakup. Ladies, do not enter the Bermuda Triangle of relationships. It will never end in your favor, and a loss of a friendship, relationship, or both will be the consequence. Respect other relationships and don't fall for the temptation.

Yes, mistakes happen and sometimes your feelings will get in the way of doing the right thing, but it's important to be honest with those involved and yourself to know a love triangle is never the way to go. She hesitated and refused any PDA in public on campus with him because of what others may think or say.

There will always be people who talk, stare, and secretly hate or be jealous of your relationship, and giving into that type of negativity will open other negative things in your relationship. Too Blind to See After the Ron incident, Kim moved on and found herself an attractive, dark skinned man from the islands. He said all of the right things, treated her like a Queen, and knew from the beginning that he wanted to be with her.

Is it Worth it? Every girl on campus wanted him, but little did they know, all they could do was stare. It took sometime for Lena to understand, but they made it work. If you are the one who is refraining from sex in the relationship, it is important that your significant other knows that and has enough respect for you to not try to persuade you to turn you away from something you believe in. Know When to Leave A Different World did a really great job getting serious messages to their viewers in a lot of their episodes, and the relationship between Gina and Dion was one of them.

This was the case of an abusive relationship, where Gina was getting hit by her boyfriend, Dion, tried to hide her bruises from her friends and tried to come up with excuses for his actions.

Any type of abuse in a relationship is not love and should never be put off to the side or treated lightly. Abusive relationships happen more often than people think, and if you suspect someone is a victim of abuse, help them get the help that they need and be their support system.

If you are a victim of abuse, leave the person and the relationship immediately. There is never a good enough reason to stay and put up with abuse.