Fall and rise of reginald perrin online dating

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fall and rise of reginald perrin online dating

The Fall and Rise of Reginald Perrin has ratings and 59 reviews. Maureen said: Part 2 in my Kindle Store; Amazon UK · Online Stores ▾ Now, although it is a bit dated in some senses, it makes it feel quaint. However, the themes of. Reggie Perrin has finally succumbed to the pressures of modern living and, in a last-ditch attempt at happiness, The Fall And Rise Of Reginald Perrin Mr Hepburn (pictured arriving at Worcester Crown Court with his girlfriend, Lucy Street). The Fall and Rise of Reginald Perrin: Complete Box Set [DVD] [] Not Rated; Studio: E1 Entertainment; DVD Release Date: May 5, ; Run Time:

Creator David Nobbs adapted the show from his own novel about a food products executive having a mid-life crisis, which eventually leads to a breakdown and commitment to a mental hospital.

The Bizarre Dinner Party

The television version of Reginald Perrin was not quite so dark, and in the form of the brilliant Leonard Rossiter Rising Damphe has some wonderfully bright moments, for a man losing his mind. But mainly, the show is about the repetition in Reginald Perrin's life. In series one, which aired init's the same endless repetition we all fear that Reggie loathes and yet still plays into on every level.

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At home when his wife, Elizabeth Pauline Yatestells him to "Have a good day…" He habitually responds with a sour, "I won't," while she stops him to pick at a stray piece of lint or a loose thread before sending him out into the wide and repetitious world.

At work in the same job he's held with Sunshine Desserts for 20 years, he has the same exchange with the same secretary Sue Nicholls about how his train is the same minutes late every day. Even in his thoughts he can't escape the repetition. His fantasy about embarking on an affair with his secretary always takes place in the same mundane, pastoral setting, and every time his mother-in-law is mentioned, he flashes on a mental picture of a lumbering hippopotamus. These kinds of visual comedy cues are only funny the first couple of times, and maybe that's the point.

fall and rise of reginald perrin online dating

For Reggie also has a boss John Barronwho is constantly offering unwanted, indecipherable advice by stating and restating, "I didn't get where I am today by It's no wonder that midway through the first series, after failing to seduce the secretary and bungling a speech in front of the British Fruit Association, Reginald Perrin disrobes on a beach and disappears into the sea.

Of course, the water proved too cold for Reggie to carry out his demise, so he spends an episode traveling around the country, trying on several silly identities and Rossiter has a great talent, and fabulous face for this kind of comedyuntil the final episode finds him disguised as "Martin Wellbourne" attending his own memorial service.

Series two sees Reggie returning to a normal life as Martin Welbourne. He remarries his wife, and opens a shop called GROT, which he has specifically designed to fail.

GROT sells rubbish and items meant to be useless, such as round dice and square footballs.

fall and rise of reginald perrin online dating

He commutes to Sunshine Desserts, where he works as a sales executive. Each morning he is 11 minutes late this increased to 17 then 22 minutes with subsequent seriesyet each morning he gives a different excuse.

The Fall and Rise of Reginald Perrin

These become increasingly bizarre: He enters the office building under the "Sunshine Desserts" sign which, as the series progresses, loses more and more letters. Part of the narrative demonstrates what voices in his head are saying.

Although he appears to love his wife, he fantasises about his secretary, Joan Greengross. As his behaviour becomes more erratic, Reggie is unable to dictate letters without uttering words like "breast".

The Fall and Rise of Reginald Perrin: S01E01 (BBC Comedy)

Far from being offended, Joan welcomes the attention, adjusting her posture to show off her figure. The endless marketing campaigns for bizarre products, satirised in reports from the product research department, combine with Reggie's relations with his oppressive boss "CJ" and his yes-man subordinates to drive him over the edge.

Ceasing to care about the consequences, he dictates offensive and condescending replies to customers. At home things are no better.

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Despite his warm relationship with his wife Elizabeth, he suffers from impotence. As pressures at work build, relations with his dysfunctional relatives deteriorate. His brother-in-law Jimmy and son-in-law Tom are both presented as incompetent. Further, Tom's "political correctness" emphasises his pomposity. After Reggie commits a few reckless acts, including getting out of his car in the lion enclosure at a safari park, he fakes his suicide by leaving clothes and personal effects on a beach.

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Before this he sends CJ an anonymous threat containing the words "blood will flow", dumping loganberry essence into a stream while CJ is angling. CJ collapses and the company doctor, Doc Morrisey, pronounces him dead. CJ opens one eye and says, "You're fired! Only as a buck-toothed farm labourer does he find fulfilment working in a sewage park and looking after pigs.

fall and rise of reginald perrin online dating