How did ben 10 and kevin become friends before dating

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how did ben 10 and kevin become friends before dating

Their date is interrupted when an alien named Ship kidnaps Julie. At the end of the episode, when Kevin teases Ben of being a "mother", Julie unsarcastically . However, unlike Zennith and Azmuth, the former couple agreed to a friendship. Ben 10 should be watched chronologically in the following order: Original Series > Alien Ben 10 is the fifth iteration of the Ben 10 franchise. When Ben finds the Omnitrix, a mysterious watch that transforms him into 10 different . advertisemen Kevin 11 RETURNS in Ben 10 Reboot Season 3 Kevin Levin or Kevin When they first met, Kevin, was a renegade year old, who knew Gwen as Ben's Lucy and friends Cooper and Jonesy) join forces with Kevin to stop Zs' Skayr and his Gwen blushes and held his hand, but Kevin is revealed to be Lucy in In Alien Swarm they are dating, but Ben doesn't get what Gwen sees in Kevin.

We see in the first season how Vilgax is just badly wounded in quite a detailed manner and in the episode "Ben 10," we see Vilgax's dead body inside a capsule just torn to pieces in a gory and detailed way. Vilgax himself is terrifyingly sadistic, willing to kill a year-old boy for the Omnitrix. Charmcaster and Kevin 11"s past involve some form of abuse, with Charmcaster being fearful of her uncle, Hex.

Kevin 11 is just disturbingly mentally unstable while also having murderous intentions towards Ben. Kai Green has some creepy and weird attraction towards Ben's aliens.

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Ben's alien transformations are deep down disturbing and are all examples of Body Horror. Earth itself is even constantly at risk of being destroyed over and over again. The TvTropes website points all or most of this out as well.

how did ben 10 and kevin become friends before dating

When you delve deep into the world of the Ben 10 Original Series, it is very much dark and dreadful, and that benefits the show greatly. Kevin's, who apparently threw him onto the street. Later Kevin himself, using his son Devlin to get his revenge on Ben. It's hinted that it's not the case with Kevin: Also, Hex serves as an abusive parental figure to Charmcaster, which comes back to bite him in the ass. Kevin 11 is shown to have sadistic and violent tendencies. For a kids show there sure are a lot of them Many of Ben's transformation involves this.

how did ben 10 and kevin become friends before dating

Kevin after he is forced to be a conglomerate of Ben's original 10 forms. The Stock Footage transition montage could become this as well. The mutations inflicted by Corrodium in the episode "Under Wraps" were particularly unnerving; monstrous, twisted, black shadows with glowing purple lines gouged across them. Later on, in "Be Afraid of the Dark", when we actually see the mutations taking place as the entire populace of Earth is subjected to them, it's even more disturbing. Meet Kevin, eleven years old and willing to kill a subway load of people without a second thought.

All the deaths are either offscreen, not outright stated, or obscured by explosions, with a good dash of What Measure Is a Non-Human? It's a touch jarring when Ben says "Gwen's dead" in the movie Secret of the Omnitrix. As noted in "Grudge Match", while his main desire is revenge on Ben, he likes to seek any excuse to fight, brutalize, or even kill various opponents.

Let's take a quick look at Kai Green. Many fans hate her for her poor treatment of Ben in the Original Series and for her pretty much creepy attraction towards Ben's aliens in Omniverse. Many find Kai to be just weird and strange but the thing is that she fits the style of the Original Series and Man of Action.

Kai works very well for Ben She is actually a fitting character for the series which can make her a great character. She works well with Man of Action's style and show. She doesn't work for Omniverse because she doesn't fit into Omniverse's style. You still hate her? Well, maybe she was supposed to be hated. Maybe Man of Action intended for Kai to be a dislikable character, possibly to build up a moment where she would be able to redeem herself.

That's just speculation, though. Alright, let's get to Kevin 11 next. It's stated in the series that if Kevin absorbs too much power, he goes crazy. Well, actually, that's not really the case. It's not Kevin's powers that really makes him insane, it's Kevin himself. It's Kevin as a character. Kevin goes insane because that is how he is as a character.

In the Original Series, Kevin is a psychopathic, sociopathic, inhumane maniac that is hell-bent on only caring about himself and hunting down and tormenting and killing Ben. He displays very little to no remorse over his actions. Considering how his life turned out and the abuse that he experienced, he became very mentally unstable. Again, this is not just because of his powers. It's how Man of Action set Kevin up as a character.

His mental instability would require months, maybe even years of therapy sessions just to recover from all of that. Kevin isn't some bad boy punk with a grudge against Ben.

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He's a mentally unstable maniac. In the Ben 10 sequels, Kevin becomes a good guy. For the type of character that he was in the Original Series, it makes absolutely no sense for Kevin to be a good guy because it doesn't work for him. I believe that Man of Action intended for Kevin to stay as a villain. Not to become a hero. Again, because of the way Kevin is in the Original Series, it doesn't work and doesn't make sense for Kevin to be a good guy.

I mentioned earlier that Ben's alien transformations in the Original Series is an example of Body Horror. Here is what Body Horror is and this quote is from Wikipedia. Such works may deal with disease, decay, parasitism, mutilation, or mutation. Well, how does it not apply? Look at all of Ben's alien transformations in the Original Series. In fact I'll leave a video after this paragraph. Anyways, every time we see Ben use the Omnitrix, the transformations may look cool but really, they're being displayed in quite a detailed and disturbing manner.

Ben is lit on fire when he transforms into Heatblast. But a slight miscalculation caused Paradox to get sucked into the Event Horizon, where he remained displaced from time foryears. Losing his mind and regaining his sanity, he gained a complete understanding of the Space-Time Continuum.

how did ben 10 and kevin become friends before dating

Having long forgot his name, he renamed himself Paradox. At some point in his career, Paradox separated the pieces of the Map of Infinity, which could lead a person to the Forge of Creation, and hid them across the universe, disguising them as difficult-to-obtain objects to prevent the map from falling into the wrong hands.

Paradox also met Ben's future self in his adventures prior to meeting the future hero's younger self.

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In his first appearance in Ben Alien Force, Paradox soon learns that the accident that gave him his power also sent an extra-dimensional creature fifty years from the time of the experiment. Meeting Ben as they confront the creature, Paradox learns the monster is actually Hugo and manages to negate the monster's existence by keeping his friend from getting sucked it.

After returning to Ben's present, Paradox was shocked that he didn't figure it out first as he gives an older Hugo to a look at eternity. In the Ben Ultimate Alien episode "Ultimate Aggregor", Paradox informed the team that Aggregor was using his old time travel equipment to achieve his goals. He also gave Kevin advice concerning the future, telling him that things would get worse before they got better, and to try to remember who his friends were.

He also warned Ben "not to lean against the chronal randomization barrier", but doubted that he would listen. In "The Forge of Creation", Paradox appears to help the team to go to the Forge of Creation which is outside the universe, but is unable to stay with them as he "is not allowed to go within lightyears" of Celestialsapiens, per their treaty.

Paradox later returns in "Ben 10, Returns", aiding Ben and his future self against Eon. Returning in the Ben Omniverse series, wearing steampunk attire, Paradox is revealed to have been fighting a time war as he is pursued by Eon for the Chrono Navigator he possesses.

how did ben 10 and kevin become friends before dating

But with Ben's help, Paradox protects the timeline though the restoration erased their meeting during that time. He would later join forces with year old Ben and his future self Ben 10, on several other occasions to counter the threat of Eon and his benefactor, the rogue Chronosapien Maltruant. In the end, he and Ben succeeded in locking Maltruant in a time loop which he is unaware of in which he is defeated, repaired by his minions, and then defeated again.

Scott Menville - Ben Ultimate Alien, Ben Omniverse James "Jimmy" Jonah Jones is a year-old kid who is a major fan of Ben, and he found out Ben's secret and revealed it to everyone on the planet.

He runs a website with pictures of aliens around the world, including every alien Ben has ever turned into. He watches Ben by alerting him about any alien activity he finds via the internet.

In "Andreas' Fault", Jimmy is revealed to have a secret informant in the Forever Knights in the form of Foreverduke whom Jimmy met onlineBen realizes that Jimmy is very useful for letting him do what he wants, even giving Ben "relationship advice" and helping on fights, as seen in "The Big Story", when Jimmy helped to save them, retrieve the Ultimatrix for Ben, and defeat the plant alien.

He wears a hoodie similar in design to Ben's jacket and has his old pants from the original series. Jimmy sent out a video that finally showed the world that Ben has the ability to turn into aliens, as he thought Ben would like the attention and money. He now helps Ben in some episodes, but gets cut short by his mother who wants him to take part in aerobics.

In Omniverse, he has more reddish-brown hair and a jacket in same design to Ben's jacket in Alien Force and Ultimate Alien. Later in the show, a character named "Chrono Spanner" is introduced, who had weaponry from the future and helped Ben and Rook. When they recruited Jimmy as a spy, they saw a series of coincidences when Jimmy would disappear and Spanner would appear, and Spanner would disappear and Jimmy would appear. Ben and Rook suspected Jimmy he was Spanner, but had no evidence to prove it Aggregor's Prisoners[ edit ] These aliens are from the Andromeda Galaxy that were kidnapped from their planets by an Osmosian named Aggregor, who wanted to absorb the full powers and abilities of the five aliens he captured using a machine he had built back on his home planet and make himself invincible so he can obtain the "Ultimate Prize".

All of them escaped from Aggregor's ship using a shuttle and crashed landed on Earth on the coast of Florida ; afterwards, Galapagus, P'andor, Andreas, and Ra'ad each split up to find a way off the planet while Bivalvan stays with the shuttle and attempts to repair it, but all the aliens were later recaptured. In "Ultimate Aggregor", after regaining all of the prisoners, Aggregor releases them but he takes control of their minds and has them attack Ben and his friends to gain more time for his plan be successful.

When Aggregor used the machine to drain the aliens powers, they faded away. In "Absolute Power" Pt.