Junjin and jung ryeo won dating

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Is this really JunJin x-girlfriend???? Someone has told me before. I just know that's Ryeo Won Real name: Jung Yeo Won Birthday: 1/22/ Shinhwa's agency Shinhwa Company posted on their Twitter yesterday, "Jun Jin's manner legs for a staff. This has to go online, right?. Jung Ryeo-won (born January 21, ) is a Korean Australian actress. She began her entertainment career as a singer in the now-defunct girl group Chakra, and first rose to fame in the hit television series My Name Is Kim Sam-soon. She is also known for her roles in Two Faces of My Girlfriend, Castaway on.

One day, both Dong-joo and Song-kyung are diagnosed with terminal brain cancer.

junjin and jung ryeo won dating

They only have 3 months left. They meet in the doctors office. Here begins their odd relationship. Song-kyung jumps headfirst into planning for her own funeral and drags Dong-joo along as her personal chauffeur. Their extremely opposite personalities clash but then seem to mesh and they begin to fall in love and date. What will happen to this new couple with so little time left.

The buildup is really what you want to watch this movie for. The way she plans for her own death is so brave and so refreshing in the Kdrama world. Instead of crying her head off, as the heroine of KDramas are wont to do, she plows ahead and grabs what she wants.

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Through it all, the director allows glimpses into her vulnerability and hesitation. I loved their romantic relationship. Their dates mostly consisted of going to pick their funeral shrouds, where they wanted to be buried, or whether they should be cremated.

I honestly got a little confused at the end. Song-kyung just distanced herself from Dong-joo as if to shrink into her shell to protect her. She seem to tire from trying to keep living. Totally tiresome and unnecessary plot device. The single did fairly well on the chart, though not a major hit.

In DecemberJun Jin was hospitalised; although recommended to stay in the hospital, he quickly left and returned to his promotional schedule. He later released a repackage version of "Love Doesn't Come," which included the duet with Lao.

Jung Ryeo-won

The repackage version fared better in sales, selling 44, at the end of But has since been managed by Open World Entertainment. Television and military service He released his first full-length solo album on 25 April Titled New Decade, the first single from the album was "Wa". An extra show was added when the 2, tickets sold out in five minutes.

junjin and jung ryeo won dating

They officially departed from the show on May 3, due to the restructuring of the show's format. He later released a mini album, titled Fascination. The title-track "Hey Ya" featuring Son Dam-bi and Big Tone did fairly well on the charts but a track on the mini album titled "Like A Fool" featuring his "wife" Lee Si-young managed to fare better on the charts. The album was a mild success. Jun Jin enlisted for mandatory military service on 22 October as a public service worker after undering four weeks of basic training Nonsan military camp in Chungcheongnam-do Province.

The singer's Christmas Day fan meeting in Taipei on 25 December O" by girl group Stellarwho is produced by band mate Ericunder his agency Top Class Entertainment.

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It is a joint venture agency for members to perform as a group, of which Eric and Lee Min-woo are co-CEOs and the remaining members are shareholders. The Company manages the group as a whole, whilst members' individual activities are managed by their respective agencies.

The Return on 30 June, he had microscopic nerve decompression surgery on a lumbar disc from chronic back pain.