Krystal and dating

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krystal and dating

Sep 28, Krystal had dated EXO's Kai famously in the past. Exo's Kai and f(x)'s Krystal split in , after dating for a yearInstagram/Kai,Krystal. Krystal. Jun 2, It was only early last year that EXO's Kai and f(x)'s Krystal were revealed to be dating. Dispatch released photos of the two idols leaving. Mar 31, Just a little over an hour after news reports of EXO's Kai and f(x)'s Krystal dating, SM Entertainment has stepped up to confirm the news!.

It is further shared that they have known each other sincenearly 10 years, since their trainee days. Both are also known for their cold personalities and their good looks, as well as their fit bodies. However, writes Dispatch, their looks towards one another is warm. It was only time before they started to become a couple.

But as friends and being in the same trainee class, they always cheered each other.

★BREAKING: EXO’s Kai and f(x)’s Krystal confirmed to be dating by DISPATCH

They always looked after one another. That is why they fallen for one another. This was a date that happened in real life. Last February, EXO has invested their time for their world tour. Group f x also had a busy month in February. But the two found time for each other regardless.

Netizens Speculate The Real Reason Behind Kai & Krystal’s Break-Up : K-WAVE : koreaportal

They found little time to enjoy their dates. He only had 2 days before his Chicago concert. They spent the 17th to spend a day with one another. The visited a lobster restaurant located in Kangbook.

The date went on like this: They made time for each other after comparing schedules. When Kai came back from Jakarta and Krystal came back from Nagoya on March 1st, their date happened once again. They met as SM trainees back in year They became very close for the reason that they were both born in year Even their appearances and personalities are similar. They probably depended on each other through the hard days.

According to sources, they started having feelings for each other starting this year.

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But it has only been recent that they have become an official couple Q. The two were very busy this year. EXO hosted their 2nd world tour this year. Perhaps that is why their love was more special. Going on dates must have been difficult for them.

They also hosted their concert in Jakarta, Indonesia. They both toured around internationally for their schedules.

Netizens Speculate The Real Reason Behind Kai & Krystal’s Break-Up

They used time in between their schedules to meet. For example, they used the time after Kai finished his performance in LA on February 16th and when Krystal came back on February 28th from her concert in Nagoya, Japan.

Where did they usually enjoy their dates? These two are the most chic idols in the industry. But they went on with their dates. They usually avoided places with many people. Instead of going to fancy restaurants, they went to restaurants that were notorious for their food.

The two are famous for loving to eat. They visited a lobster place located in Gangbuk. Their dating fashion must have been catchy. They looked like a ordinary college couple. They matched their hat and glasses. They dressed very casually during their dates.

krystal and dating

Despite wearing glasses, it was easy for anyone to notice who they were. Kai is very charismatic on stage. But in front of Krystal, he is full of manners. Being worried about Krystal being cold, he even took off his jacket for her to wear. Krystal was full of aegyo. She laughed brightly as she put on his jacket.

krystal and dating

It was a sight of a couple being happy about small things. Did they have any other special dates together?