Percy and annabeth dating in high school

Love in High School Chapter 1, a percy jackson and the olympians fanfic | FanFiction

percy and annabeth dating in high school

It was a calm, October afternoon, and Goode High School had just let out and Percy were dating for a while, Annabeth decided to interrupt. Percy Jackson Star Quarterback in Goode High will fall for a Girl They have been dating since the summer, which was a new record for Nico. A high school story, but this time Percy goes to Annabeth's school! (namely school sluts and jocks) and the weird feeling of dating with your.

Will they make their busy schedule work? How will Annabeth deal with another boy who is willing to fight for her love? Who will it be? Also Annabeth's past will catch up to her, but can Percy handle it? Fiction T - English - Chapters: I'm 17 and a Junior. My grades aren't really that good, but I'd manage. We're a power team and our mascot is a Shark. My best friend is Kris and Grover since middle school and now we go to the same high school together. Monday 12pm I walk down the hallway of Goode High with my best friend Kris.

percy and annabeth dating in high school

I don't have a girlfriend or anything because frankly no one seemed to catch my attention. It's the second week of junior year for me and the pressure was on. Honestly, I feel like I'm ready because I've been practicing during the summer like crazy.

I see Drew walking towards me. Let me just say Drew is pretty and head cheerleader, but she isn't my type. Sorry Drew I have practice to go to afterschool. After the last class of the day I headed towards the field to practice on my throw with Kris and Jason. I know Nico is with his girl Thalia.

They have been dating since the summer, which was a new record for Nico.

percy and annabeth dating in high school

The longest relationship so far, but I can see that he truly liked her. Jason is with Piper. Well it's just Kris and I who are single. Grover on the other hand has a secret relationship and he wont spill.

After I was done with practice, Kris drove me to a small ice cream place where they serve ice cream macaroons for own two dollars! They had blue ice cream and the flavor is vanilla! I mean I fine that really cool. After that, he dropped me off at my house. I walked up to my house and went straight to bed. I was so tired I decided to take a shower in the morning. I put on my American apparel sea green jacket, grabbed my backpack and headed out the door for Kris to pick me up.

percy and annabeth dating in high school

I saw a blue bmw pull up to my driveway. I got in the passenger seat and knocked out in the car. Kris and I wander the empty hallways of Goode High. We slowly opened the gym door and entered. We hid behind the blenchers and saw two girls, which looked like they were working on a cheer routine.

One of the girls turned around and caught my attention. I gave her a look of utter confusion, signaling for her to continue. She playfully rolled her eyes, and talked excitedly, "You're locker is next to the hottest and most popular boy in school.

Practically all of the girls in school are drooling over him, but he claims he has a girlfriend in a different state. No one has ever seen her though, so no one really believes him! Anyways, I gotta go to class. Stein always likes to start class early. I opened my locker and began to put my books and things in it, when out of the corner of my eye, I saw him, and my heart fluttered. I shifted my body to get a clearer view of him, and found a smile inching its way across my as I looked at him.

percy and annabeth dating in high school

His raven-colored hair was untamed, and his beautiful sea-green eyes sparkled as he laughed with his friends. He was wearing a white V-neck with the words 'That's how I roll' printed onto it which I immediately recognized as the t-shirt I had gotten him for his 16th birthdaydark jeans, and grey sneakers.

He was about to look in my direction, when I heard, " Percy!

percy and annabeth dating in high school

She was wearing a crap-load of makeup, and was far from pretty. She was dressed in a cropped top that stopped barely below her chest, and booty-shorts that barely covered her butt. Before I could snap at them to stop staring at me, Percy began to talk to the girl.

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I'm not interested in being your one-night stand. I have a girlfriend, who I love, and there's no way in hell that I would ever chose you over her! Now if you would let go of me, I really need to get to my locker," he stated, while trying to release her grip from him, but she wouldn't let go.

Jessica scoffed, " Yeah, right, a girlfriend! I highly doubt that! So what do you say, Percy-poo? He began to walk in my direction, and I suddenly felt very nervous. The irrational part of me began to freak out. What if he doesn't want me here? What if he is over me? What if he just said that stuff about having a girlfriend to get rid of Jessica?

Percebeth high school love story part 8-11

The rational part of me was arguing too. Of course, he loves you, stupid. I shook out the thoughts and zeroed my eyes on Percy. He was still walking towards me with his friends, and still hadn't noticed me. Oblivious, Seaweed Brain Percy.

I decided to wait a little while before surprising him, and turned back to my locker, quietly putting my things into it. He walked up to the locker next to mine, and began to put in the combination. He was the hottest guy in school that Bridget told me about! I heard a huge crash, and a stream of profanities coming out of Percy's mouth, as he bent down to pick up the books that had poured out of his locker.

I turned my body, chuckling silently so that he would see me when I stood up. He stood up, holding his books, and said a quick "hello" to me, and turned back to his locker, his mind clearly not processing that I was standing here. I continued to stare at him as he put his books away, and I could practically hear the "click" in his mind as he figured out that who he had just acknowledged. His eyes widened, and he turned slowly to face me. He crashed his lips to mine, and crushed me into a huge hug.

We were both grinning ear to ear, as we pulled away. My face felt like it was gonna fall off from smiling so much, but I couldn't help it. I was looking at my Seaweed Brain, and he just made me so happy.

I softened my gaze, and looked into his eyes. We didn't pull away from each other, until we heard someone clear their throat behind us. We turned to see an angry Jessica glaring at me. And in the squeakiest, most annoying voice I had EVER heard, she screamed, " Who are you and what the hell do you think you are doing with my boyfriend?! Sooo what did you think? It's my first ever fanfiction, so it probably sucks. Please review, so I have motivation to keep writing, and favorite and follow please!

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