Percy and annabeth dating stories

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percy and annabeth dating stories

"You didn't really want your mom to get you ready for your first date, did you?" "No ," Percy admitted, grudgingly. It wasn't like he and Annabeth. Just annother story about percabeth at Goode. A lot of it really isnt at Goode though. Most will probably be with their families or at camp, but that. Percy and Annabeth are dating and they go to the same high school. K Reads Votes 19 Part Story . Annabeth jumped in front of a blade for him!!!.

Despite not being able to concentrate on the whole tour she made it a point to come back to the museum without Percyshe was glad that he had agreed to go with her. The day wasn't a total waste for Percy. He heard her rambling useless facts and her happy and excited face made him feel that it was totally worth being in the museum for three hours.

It's been a lazy day for both Percy and Annabeth and Percy was enjoying it so much. I'm not scared of you! They didn't get any food done, but after they washed up, they made cookies with instant mix. Percy added his own touch by adding blue food colouring to it.

It's your turn now. She raises her eyebrows, and he smiles at her. I told you, I'm lazy. She had just finished planning Aphrodite's room up on Olympus, and she did not enjoy it as much as she would've thought. Aphrodite was talking on and on about how much closet space she needed, and Annabeth couldn't care less. We can reschedule the date I originally planned and stay right here," Percy said as he stretched himself out on the couch. Sure, he wanted to take her for a romantic walk along the beach but she was tired.

And maybe Percy's date didn't go as planned because in a matter of minutes, they fell asleep in each other's arms Yes, the saviours of Olympus Percy and Annabeth were challenging each other in a carnival.

At the end of the carnival, Percy walks triumphantly as he carries his stuffed toys. He meets up with Annabeth who is trying to carry all her stuffed toys too. Percy looks down at the number of stuffed toys he has.

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It was a good thing that he collected a giant panda. He was planning to give it to Frank, or to keep it because his Panda Pillow Pet was taken by the gorgons. He decides she was more important and brings the giant panda to the little girl.

He kneels beside her and says, "here you go. A giant panda for a very special girl. He wasn't just a hero of Olympus. He was a hero to that little girl. She smiles as she sees the girl hug and thank Percy. They only ever saw each other in their camp uniforms. He laughed then, from the sheer corniness, and she looked insulted.

She threw her head back and laughed harder. He was supposed to be in control. It's kind of far, so I figured we'd take a cab. It's much quicker if we take a cab. I love the structure of the tunnels.

percy and annabeth dating stories

Her freakiness, he could deal with. They walked down the steps to the subway, Percy making sure Annabeth stayed on his arm. He wasn't sure how many times she'd ridden it before. He glanced at her, glad she was enjoying it. To him, the subway was one of the more boring things in the world.

percy and annabeth dating stories

Even though his forte was sarcasm rather than wit, he liked to at least try and be clever with semantics. It was rare though, and they both knew it. Their eyes met quietly, and they both beamed. He was glad; Thalia had turned out to be a good friend. He squirmed, knowing it must have come off as a move. But looking at Annabeth's face, she didn't seem to mind. They stepped through the restaurant's doors, and Percy kept a careful tab on Annabeth's expression.

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He couldn't tell if she was pleased or not. Percy fidgeted in his chair, realizing that he wasn't sure what they should talk about. She gave him a funny look. All hopes of a 'smooth' evening seemed to be rather useless. He looked at her for a long moment, trying to read her. She looked happy to him. Then again, she'd never really had a relaxing time before her in life.

These were the first few weeks of freedom that she'd ever really had. Nothing yet but," he shrugged, "We'll see.

percy and annabeth dating stories

Give us another minute, please? It comes with the territory. The thought had entered his mind unprompted, but he wanted to ask before he forgot. I just… I don't know, I like it there. We just started dating, though. I mean, we can. But just… for fun, if you want it to be. He wasn't quite sure what his attraction was to bringing her there. I have a ton of homework. You need any help? Things got better as the night went on. They fell back into their familiar rhythm, of bickering mixed with the slightest sexual tension.

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It was pleasant and easy. Percy's only complaint was the lack of romance. It was more like they were friends again, and there was less affection present than there had been in the past three weeks. He wasn't sure where that spark had gone. It was a nostalgic place to him, although he didn't think she knew that. He bordered on telling her about how he used to go there, but decided not to. They knew each other already; it wasn't like this was a get-to-know-each-other kind of thing. Suddenly, he had the desire to kiss her.

percy and annabeth dating stories

Or to hug her, or to show his affection in some other physical fashion. Preferably one that leaned further away from friendship, though, as he was beginning to worry that romance was slipping from them altogether. They'd already agreed to do the whole classic first date thing. He'd loved comedies as a little kid. I think you can handle them now, right? My treat though, okay?

He wasn't even that low on cash anymore, now that Paul was with them. He didn't think she realized that. It was a problem that they never crossed at camp, where there was nothing to buy.

And yet, in the real world, it was another thing that separated them. Their parents, their pasts, and their economic states. It didn't make all that much of a difference, but it shed a bit of awkwardness on their dating. She rolled her eyes.

With that, she dug into her purse and applied a coat of lip-gloss. Percy leaned back against the movie theater seat, contemplating the action.