Rap duo black and asian dating

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rap duo black and asian dating

Birth Date: November 7, (Age: 18) .. Why They're Hot: The amazing story of this Omaha pop-rap duo goes back about 15 years, when. and Blacks in Hip-Hop,” which was influenced by “Don't Believe the Hype” by Public Enemy, highlighting roles fuel the notion that Asian Americans are the antithesis of hip hop, which . My favorite commercial project to date was for GATORADE. .. privileged or treated equally by a more powerful and privileged group. Victoria Yue explores rapper Childish Gambino's lyrics, which specifically objectify Asian women. odd-couple duo in real life: Donald Glover in real time, and rapper For a guy who is so sensitive as to how blacks are portrayed in the . Why is it that when white men date Asian women, there is very little.

Plus, if you were around middle school age at that time and listened to rap, you probably still like the song. The video was in regular rotation on MTV and BET, technically making Southstar not only the first full-Asian rapper to blow up on the mainstream but also the most-played.

To no surprise, this creatively named duo ended up being one-hit wonders but the legacy remains. Strictly speaking, Southstar could be considered the most commercially successful full Asian American rapper ever.

Smilez and Southstar — Tell Me 8. Bambu formerly of Native Guns Asian connection: Bambu is a Filipino who was raised in Watts, L. In both his solo career and group career with Native Guns he speaks on Filipino issues affecting Filipino-Americans as well as the people in the Phillipines. I heard of Native Guns a few years back but never heard any of their material.

Based off that, I did some research into what turned out to be a wealth of past material and concluded that Bambu is deserving of a spot on this list.

Having a militant edge, Bambu reminds me of Immortal Technique. If his new music is any indication of more to come, Bambu definitely has the opportunity to grow his fanbase.

Geo — Slow Down 7. Roscoe Umali Asian connection: Roscoe is a Filipino L. Koreatown native who graduated from UCLA. Roscoe has the most commercial style of all the rappers on this list, with the L.

rap duo black and asian dating

Umali has an imposing voice and his overall blend of lyrics, production, and vibes is solid. Roscoe has been out for quite some time now and from what I understand, has his industry networking game down pat, having done tracks with some big names like E, Talib Kweli and Bobby Valentino as well as having worked with some of the top producers in the game — all while being independent on his own label he even has his own sneaker. This is significant because it shows that Asian rappers can make some headway in the mainstream industry by getting their business right.

Geo, who is Filipino has made various tracks about Filipino issues. He is a graduate from The University of Washington. He has a distinct voice and flow and an interesting thing to note is that a majority of Blue Scholar fans are non-Asian.

rap duo black and asian dating

What makes him so great? Blue Scholars are the leaders of their growing genre and have a diverse fan base across ethnic and cultural lines.

The style of underground hip-hop Geologic produces might not be your favorite, but bottom line: Plus Geo is a perfect example that Asians can stay true to their roots and carve their own lane in the rap game. Blue Scholars — Joe Metro 5. However, making immensely popular songs in Tagalog and being a part of one of the biggest hip-hop acts in history counts for something. Apl has definitely brought a consistent Asian presence to radio and multi-platinum hits — whether audiences knew it or not.

rap duo black and asian dating

Black Eyed Peas — Bebot 4. Far East Movement Group Asian connection: Prohgress went to Loyola law school. Far East Movement are like the new age Beastie Boys for the internet generation. Successfully crossing over from the underground, FM just got signed to major label Interscope.

Chan aka Snacky Chan Asian connection: Chan is Korean and based out of Boston.

Asian American hip hop

He is now a part of the Korean group Uptown. The world first learned about Cardi B as just an exotic dancer from the Bronx who made really funny rants on Instagram. New York in Through that show she was able to gain an even bigger audience. Soon after her debut on the show, she dropped her first mixtape Gangsta Bitch Music, Vol.

Since then she has blown up and even released a Vol. Her most recent single "Bodak Yellow," which borrows flow from Kodak Black's "No Flockin," is the latest in her domination in the genre. Noname If you listen to literally any rapper from Chicago, you've probably heard a verse from Noname. The artists over there have a camaraderie that is unmatched by any city.

You might have heard her feature on the song "Lost" by Chance the Rapper on his sophomore mixtape Acid Rap. She combines her poetic flow and poignant lyrics with a jazz instrumental to captivate her fans. She first started crafting her skills in the well known Chicago poetry scene. As a teen she was a part of the YOUMedia project which was an after school program where students could write and workshop their poems.

But inthe year old rapper dropped her debut project Telefone which took the scene by storm. She's a dope rapper from Detroit who recently started to blow up.

She has a rough flow with a feminine look akin to Lil Kim or Foxy Brown.

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Kash Doll was a dancer at a club in Detroit but always wanted to be a rapper as a kid. She first got her foot in the door with Instagram freestyle, which led to a feature on a song, which then led to her opening up for Chief Keef. However it wasn't until she released a video for a remix of Tinashe's "I'm On" that went viral and started getting radio play that she really started making it big. Kash Doll dropped her debut mixtape Keisha Vs Kash Doll in garnering a lot of attention from many fans.

This past March she released a cinematic music video which draws from the classic Hype WIlliams film Belly for her single "For Everybody.

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She's only 18 but she's already garnering a lot of attention from the hip-hop scene. Her style is similar to her fellow group member Yachty in that they both use a lot of autotune and combine singing and rapping with really good beats.

She's the type of artist that makes old hip-hop heads mad because her sound is unlike anything hip-hop has seen before. People try to discredit artists like her but they shouldn't, because she has a clear message and an aesthetic to back it up.

She first found the spotlight with her debut EP Little Rocket. Then she dropped two more albums, and Zero Gravity. Her standout album was Zero Gravity which featured her first hit song "Sad" featuring Lil Yachty, and the video for the song reached over 5 million views. Kodie just dropped another album this year called Big Trouble Little Jupiter.

Kamaiyah Last but not least, Kamaiyah.