Rita volk and gregg sulkin dating

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rita volk and gregg sulkin dating

When we recently chatted with Rita Volk at the MTV VMAs, she hinted Keith will play Theo, “a friend of Liam's (Gregg Sulkin) who is full of. Beautiful day on set with lovely Rita Volk and great Bruce Thomas . @ greggsulkin they are definitely dating #fakingit. 0 replies 0 retweets 0. Gregg Sulkin and Rita Volk photos, news and gossip. Find out more about.

We often hear that said, as a sort of consolation prize, after a low-rated show has been cancelled. For a small handful, it's true.

Faking It comes to an end - for its loyal core of fans, an abrupt and premature end - this Tuesday night In fact, right up to last Tuesday he was creating new ones, like the awkward hesitation in a budding romance between Shane Harvey Michael Willett and Noah Elliot Fletcherthe show's first transgender.

"Faking It" casts Yvette Monreal as a "hip, edgy lesbian" - AfterEllen

One episode also won't resolve all the show's major ongoing dramas, like Amy Rita Volk sorting out her sexuality or her best friend Karma Katie Stevens sorting out her behavior toward Amy.

Sadly, we will have to be content with Lauren Bailey De Young above simply being the first intersex character on a prime-time drama. She's a great character and it would have been interesting to see her get an extended romantic storyline so she could drop some of her self-protecting walls. We also won't get much more information about Karma's ex-boyfriend Liam Gregg Sulkinwho has gotten more interesting, or Felix Parker Mackwho's been an intriguing wild card. That's what happens, of course, when a show is cancelled.

With rare exceptions, threads will dangle in all the places where the showrunner had hoped to weave future stories. In Covington's case, he said before this season began that in a perfect world, he'd like to run about seven seasons and wrap up with a time jump where we could see all these characters in their mids.

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  • “Faking It” casts Yvette Monreal as a “hip, edgy lesbian”

That's an excellent idea. It would have even made the actors age-appropriate.

rita volk and gregg sulkin dating

But Covington admitted he didn't expect it would happen, since Faking It has always had a modest audience.

Which shrunk a little further this season.

rita volk and gregg sulkin dating

He told The Hollywood Reporter after the cancellation that he also didn't think Faking It would be a likely candidate for resurrection by another network, a streaming service or a digital-only operation.

Realistically, he said, it would just be too expensive for the potential audience it could bring. Her life becomes more complex as she carries on a secret, straight, affair with Liam Booker, one of the most popular boys at school, while simultaneously fooling everyone into thinking she and Amy are a monogamous couple.

Upon discovering that Amy has true feelings for her, she tries to keep from breaking her best friend's heart, even encouraging her to date other girls. However, when Amy does find someone new, finally allowing Karma and Liam to have a happy relationship, she behaves jealously towards Amy's girlfriend and can't bear being in second place in Amy's life.

rita volk and gregg sulkin dating

Her behavior creates even more tension in the group, because it is unclear whether her behavior is just that of a possessive best friend, or if it is the start of something more. At first, he is only attracted to her because of his desire to have sex with a lesbian, but he quickly realizes that he has developed real feelings for her; given his previous "player" status and lifestyle, and Amy's presence, his feelings for Karma often cause trouble for him.

Michael Willett as Shane Harvey, the most popular boy in school who is openly gay. He is witty, straightforward and outgoing, and the best friend of both Liam and Amy. It is Shane who initially erroneously outs Karma and Amy as lesbians.

Why We'll Miss Faking It , and Why Its Finale Tuesday Will Resemble Downton Abbey

Shane becomes Amy's confidant as her feelings towards Karma develop. By of the end of the series, he has had three major love interests: Highly conservative, she is furious and frustrated, aware that someone like her would almost certainly be highly popular in a "normal" school that didn't have such liberal-minded students.

In season 2, it is revealed that she is intersexinitially a secret shared only with close friends. She faces stress as more and more students find out.

rita volk and gregg sulkin dating

Lauren becomes very close with her new stepmother, Amy's mom, after realizing they enjoy the same things, and that she relates more to her than with anyone at her school.

Recurring cast[ edit ] Introduced in season 1[ edit ] Rebecca McFarland as Farrah, Amy's mom, a local television reporter who holds conservative views, and is shocked to learn of Amy's sexual orientation.

Gregg Sulkin & Rita Volk Bring 'Faking It' To People's Choice Awards 2015

Erick Lopez as Tommy Ortega, Lauren's ex-boyfriend. Courtney Kato as Leila, a friend of Lauren. Breezy Eslin as Elizabeth, a friend of Lauren.