Runo and dan dating

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runo and dan dating

My first oneshot story. Dan's planning to ask Mira on a date, but he's not a romantic type. So, he asked Runo for her help. What will happen. Rated: Fiction K+ - English - Romance - [Dan K., Runo M.] - Words: Julie! We have better things to do than to advice you about dating Billy!. Dan and Runo start dating. DAN AND RUNO HAD THEIR FIRST KISS IN THE LAST YEAR OF COLLEGE. Dan yelled as he grabbed some, Runo just sighed at her boyfriend and washed the dishes once they had eaten.

Runo then begins to develop a crush on him. Dan and runo share a few moments together in season 1, and alot of other people including the bakugan battle brawlers and some of there enemies see that runo plays a importent part in dans life and usually try to kidnap her to make dan lose his battles but dan saves her and wins the battle against them. In the series it shows that dan is very protective of runo and runo is verry protective of dan to.

At the end of season 2 they are seen going on a date to the movies. When runo apears in new vestroia She runs to him and tries to hug him but phases through him because she wasnt fully in new vestroia, when doctor michole tells dan that runo may get stuck between worlds forever he gets sad and worrys for her.

He also gets angry at shadow probe for getting in his way of saving her. Dan then follows her into the gate along with mira and Baron but spectra and other vestles have followed them into the human world and now planed to kidnap her from dan. It is also discovered that she will be apart of the bakugan reisitance because she gets partnered with a egosauras and will battle along side him.

Shun - Shun and Dan have also known each other since they were kids to because there mothers always had play dates and from that day on shun and dan were Best friends. They had also Created the Bakugan rules along with and decide what ability cards do.

Shun and Dan always fight like him and runo but never as to the point of ripping each others heads off like they do. Dan and Shun are almost like brothers and would also protect each other from harm. Even though dan and Shun are competive but they realy do care for each other and are happy for each other for there winings in battles.

They battled with each other in the fight agenst Naga with the other bakugan battle brawlers. In the Bakugan new vestroia series dan and shun get seperated because shun was transported into new vestroia trying to save the bakugan. When dan arives shun becomes apart of the bakugan reisitance to help them take down the vestles. Shun is the secound person dan tags battle with. Marucho - Marucho is the guy who dan can go to for getting advice on what to do in bakugan battles angenst enimies or aponets.

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Marucho also helped Dan and the others faceing naga in the battle to help drago become the strongest bakugan so that they can get the silent core and infidity core befor naga rules vestroia and earth. In the new vestroia series hes almost best man in dans book because marucho knows all about the true relationship between dan and Runo and teasses him with that to just sees how he reacts to what he says about him.

Marucho is the third to partnerd up with dan in tag battles, Marucho uses water atributes while dan uses Fire atributes making them a powerful duo. Runo just said,"I need a nickname for you. Since your head is full of kelp And by the way thats all ready owned by Percy Jackson!

He always had wacky ideas and a stupid sense of humor. Strangely, Dan didn't annoy her in class and that allowed Runo and Dan to listen to important notes given by the teacher. During lunch; Runo kept her books in her locker and saw Dan dumping books into his. We get our degrees a month later, we both have got excellent percentages in the final? What have you planned?

runo and dan dating

Even if my dad passed away when I was 10, I am smart. I already bought an appartment and applied for a job in the best company here and I got accepted. You need to move in with me in my appartment after college.

And your parents have agreed, since our moms used to play together when they were little. So, he asked Runo for her help. What will happen, when Runo realizes, that she actually has feelings for her best friend? I hope you'll like it. I don't own anything, except mentioned OCs. Collins gave us a lot of homework today" she also added and lay down on her large bed.

She keeps her eyes closed for a moment. Suddenly, a phone started to ring. She quick grabbed it from her shelf. I need your help" a male voice responded quickly. I just need you to help me with something. Can you come over to my house? Well I better go, then. Bye Danny-boy" "Bye, beautiful" Runo blushed at his word and hung up.

runo and dan dating

Runo smiled a little "Oh Daniel…" … "What's up, Dan? So it's a bit unusual seeing clean room of Daniel Kuso. Dan first took a deep breath. But as you know, I don't have experience" "But you have experience with flirting" Runo teased. Dan looked straight at her "Now, will you help me prepare a romantic date? How will you ask her out? So I can show you" Runo nodded and sat down on the bed "Pretend that, in this case Mira is sitting on the bench in the park" Runo explained.

Dan nodded and walked in front of her "Hey Mira" "Hi, Dan. Runo suddenly clapped "Well done, Dan. Now let's pretend we are on a date" Runo first started "But what kind of date you will have? Concert is from some classical bend" "But you hate classical stuff.

Especially classical music" Runo gasped.

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So then have a picnic. Trust me, she'll love it" Runo tells him. She grabbed a blanket, which was on the bed and spread it. They both sat down on it "When you're done unpacking things for your date, make sure you are always sweet" "How do I start?

She'll always embraced you and you'll always hold her" Runo continued "She'll had butterflies in her stomach" "My heart will be beating out of my chest" Dan added.

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They stayed in their position for a minute, before Dan said "What about kissing? I think you know how to kiss a girl" "Well, I kissed 5 different girls" Dan replied. When Julie gave us a dare to kiss each other" Runo laughed at the memory. But who are two more? I think I was And the second guy is Anthony. I was on the camping trip one summer and my group played truth or dare one night.

I picked dare and some girl dared me to kiss Anthony" Runo quickly answered. Kissing me isn't good? Runo shook her head. But I just think practice kissing isn't very necessary. You're a really good kisser" Dan smirked as Runo just realized what she's said. Anthony is actually better kisser than you" He moved closer to her "Is he really?