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The following is a list of episodes from the sitcom The Latest Buzz. The show premiered on . Amanda says that if she did not join buzz and have great friends, she'd still be mean. Rebecca gets her first cell phone but This is the episode where Noah and Rebecca share their very first kiss! 25, "The Happy Holidays Issue". It turns out to be for his sister's pet but they do dance together at the end. In The Gala Issue, This is the episode where Noah and Rebecca share their first kiss. The Latest Buzz is a Canadian teen sitcom from Decode Entertainment aired on the Family Wilder has a crush on Amanda and he gives her a coupon for her first kiss with him. Before long Noah does admit his crush to Rebecca and they end up They later get engaged, but in the last episode he breaks up with her, but.

Both Cody Herman and Yolanda show up frequently in several episodes, despite only being credited as guest stars. Almost every minor character appears in more than one episode, including the recurring ones. Michael is a fan of the musical Good Witch, Bad Witch.

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See What Could Have Been below for more details. Wilder, to a certain extent. In the First Impressions episode, he pretends not to remember how he met Amanda so that she'll be determined to make him remember Guess who wins the bet?

Beware the Nice Ones: Yolanda is a nice girl, but in "The Bully Issue", she becomes very controlling towards Michael and always bossing him around. The "sweet" parts are where Amanda and Wilder share their first kiss at the airport, Michael gets a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to star alongside in a movie with Dex Cobra and D. Shepherd finally get married.

The only "bitter" part is that The Boss announces that Teen Buzz are replacing the original staff with new students. Rebecca starts a Save Buzz rally so that they wouldn't be replaced by the new students, but comes to realize, after Noah informed her that things have to come to an end, including the Buzz, that leaving the place is for the best.

Michael is pretty much best friends with everyone on the show. Amanda as well as being Rebecca's best friend, also. He became one of the most popular characters on the show and was praised by fans with his goofiness and hilarious personality, even getting his own spin-off called Meet The Wilders that never got picked up by Family. Wilder talks about this when Michael dates Amanda in one episode, calling it one of the "guy rules", specifically the rule "pals before gals".

In "The Mum's the Word Issue", there's also the "mothers before brothers" rule. But Not Too Black: She doesn't listen to them until she finally sees her hurting Rebecca's feelings right in front of her.

The actor who plays Wilder is an award-winning trampolinist, so naturally in one episode he shows off his skills. Amanda's actress is also a singer, as well as singing the theme song she sings in three different episodes. Shepherd was on the spirit squad when he was in high school. Rebecca becomes jealous when Zuzu Moon starts to befriend Noah and even sharing their first kiss.

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Her friends sometimes call her a nerd whenever she's efficient at things. He makes his own salsa from marmalade and pepper. Wilder becomes jealous when he finds out that Michael is dating Amanda. To retaliate, he brings Yolanda, Michael's ex-girlfriend, as his date to make them both jealous.

This is the episode where Noah and Rebecca share their first kiss. But at the end he decided to let it go for the moment and let her choose to go for Kansas concert with her dad, instead of Emerald Gala with team buzz. After clearing up the misunderstanding, Noah kisses Rebecca, his new girlfriend. When she confronts Noah about it, Noah seems to not care and doesn't think George would do that.

Rebecca is upset that Noah isn't jealous and doesn't believe that George would be flirting with her. George then ask Rebecca to be in his music video and she accepts. Rebecca still doesn't believe Noah is just a little bit jealous. When during the music video George calls Rebecca " R" and Noah is furious. He says he is the only one allowed to called her "R" and he tries to mess up the video.

After many messed-up takes, Noah tells Rebecca that George calling Rebecca "R" ticked him off, causing him to want to mess up the video. He says he didn't know he had a jealous side, and Rebecca didn't think he did either. This results in Noah getting angry at Rebecca, until Bossman says that Buzz won't close, and Noah kisses Wilder on the cheek.

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Noah apologizes to Rebecca, and they share another kiss. Shepard hosting and giving Noah all the easy words. Later, Noah realizes how Rebecca always acknowledges his jokes even if they aren't funny, though when Rebecca does some thing smart he always calls her a nerd. He ends the competition in a draw. Noah gets angry with Rebecca, and breaks up with her. She befriends Rebecca, and starts stalking Noah. No one believes Noah until the end, when Rebecca walks in and catches her.

Zuzu and Rebecca proceed to have a sword fight with an umbrella and poster, and Noah ends up covered in food. Everyone loves him, but Noah is suspicious. Rebecca claims they are just friends. Elliot gives a locket to Rebecca with a picture of him, but in the end she replaces it with the heart shaped guitar pick that Noah gave her.

Their future turns out not what they expected. Wilder is obese, single and successful, Michael is bald and Amanda's agent and husband, Amanda is a famous singer and married to Michael, Rebecca is an unsuccessful journalist and lonely and Noah is Wilder's man servant and also unsuccessful and lonely. Both Noah and Rebecca lie when they tell each other what has happened in the last twenty years.

Rebecca says that she is an award winning journalist, when she's actually a writer for a community newspaper, and has to deliver the paper herself.