When did rob and kaitlin start dating

'Always Sunny' insider: 8 quirks of Kaitlin Olson

when did rob and kaitlin start dating

Jul 25, Rob McElhenney And Kaitlin Olson Hid Their Romance From Their 'It's One topic that McElhenney did not really get into in that podcast, however, was And then we started secretly dating, and he really just wanted to be. Rob McElhenney use to date the original Dee before she was replaced replaced her with Kaitlin Olson who he then started to date her after season 2. terms that if I did not stay in the relationship, I would be off the show. Kaitlin joined the cast on Sunny in , and at some time in she and Rob McElhenney began dating. They were engaged in and married on.

You know, I first read scripts and it was amazing. But the characters I fell in love with were the male characters. But I will do it if you write that way for me. He promised me, and I really believed him, that that is what they wanted to do. I was interested to hear what you were going to say. It might sound a little un-PC, but he has really good points. Specifically, the first time we did "Lethal Weapon 5" — the whole conversation about the blackface?

They were all things where I was kind of like, well, I kind of agree with that! If you were going to hang out with any of the characters in real life, who would it be? You could probably manipulate him into doing whatever you wanted him to do.

when did rob and kaitlin start dating

I imagine you have lots of crazy fans. The weirdest thing is people getting our faces tattooed on their bodies. And I am shocked every single time. People will tweet us pictures. Well, I wanted to say that! I was like, where are the mothers? Is it mostly kids getting those tattoos? But what kind of adult would do that? Whose face gets tattooed the most? The show is going to end one day. And that body will — hopefully — be around for a very long time. So, did a fan end up coming on the show?

Yes, we did have one come. It was a girl. Not young enough though! It was a back shoulder tattoo. You guys will be present at her wedding day. I love the episode where you all go to your high school reunion and Dee got to be cool for about an hour. What was your actual high school experience like? And I went to a really big high school — I think there were like people in my graduating class — and I think I probably knew about 10 of them. I just loved how quickly I turned on everyone else, to be cool for 15 minutes.

That also brings to mind the episode where you all get invited to prom, except for Mac I went to my prom with a guy who, the person that he wanted to go with went with someone else, so he just asked me because his friend was going with my friend.

But we do have a lot of fun together. So, yeah, they definitely make fun of me all the time for getting hurt.

when did rob and kaitlin start dating

And everyone is a good sport. Well, this first episode of the season, where the gang breaks Dee, I think Glenn Howerton is so unbelievable in that episode.

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Charlie is unbelievably funny. And Danny is just constantly goofing off, trying to make everyone laugh. If we have anybody new on our set, oh my god, he starts putting on a show, he turns on. How long did you and Rob work together before you became involved? We started dating, secretly, in season two. How long did you keep it a secret? They were actually fine. It was the episode itself that got a little too expensive and we were over-reaching a little bit.

What did you learn from doing more serialized storytelling last season, and will that carry over to this season at all? We did that when we brought Danny onto the show. In Season 2, we were forced to do that as well.

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It was never something that we wanted to do, particularly, but introducing his character forced us to do it, and I think it was actually a lot of fun.

Doing what we normally do, which is each individual episode being its own thing, is challenging, in a different way, because you have very little time to wrap everything up. I like both styles of storytelling. We definitely talked about whether or not we wanted to even do that. We went over a number of different things, and then eventually we decided that would be a challenge that would actually be more fun, to have her be pregnant.

when did rob and kaitlin start dating

What are some of the themes of this season? And, it also says nothing, too. We had an idea for Frank deciding that he wanted to lock this one whore down, so he would continue to pay her, but marry her.

But, if Pretty Woman was real, what would really happen in that situation? We have an episode about a child beauty pageant, thrown at the bar. The biggest challenge for that episode — and it took us a long time to lock into how we would do it — was figuring out why and how these characters end up throwing a pageant.

So, we had to come up with something.

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And, we get kids because the kind of parents that put their children in these situations usually [are willing to do that]. Season 2 was a challenge. The challenge is not coming up with concepts or ideas for what these characters can get into. The challenge is always building a good story around it and grounding it, in its own way. Obviously, the universe that these characters live in is a little bit heightened. So, coming up with a child pageant is one thing.

Figuring out how to get into it and what it has to do with the world, so that it feels like its relevant, as opposed to just a joke, [is another].

I just mean that there are a lot of things to make fun of. Structuring it and making it really work, as an episode, is the toughest part. What cameos do you have on tap for this year? Jason Sudeikis is back, for just a quick thing. The Kings of Leon make a brief appearance. They had that whole thing with Glee, where they were asking to use one of their songs.

when did rob and kaitlin start dating

Lance Reddick is going to be on the show, in the same episode that Polito is in. We have a surprise one, to announce later this season. At this point in the run of the series, does FX let you do what you want? They trust us, a lot more. And, they still give us great ideas, too. Do you see the show coming back for a Season 8 and 9? What do you guys look for in movie roles? A beginning, middle and end.