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Episode Guide. episodes · Real World . Photos. Trisha Cummings in Real World () Real World () .. Zach Nichols Himself 13 Release Date. I'm watching Battle of the Exes and the amount of contempt Zach has for Jonna is ridiculous and I don't get it. Did she cheat on him or. It's official: MTV couple Jenna Compono and Zach Nichols are back together! Find out more info about their rocky relationship, including the.

Then the contestants are sent to their house. And of course, it comes with a pool and a hot tub. Within minutes, Frank is already becoming antagonistic. Or it could be him. He says that he has never played sports, but his biggest challenge is to keep his heart in the competition. Night falls, and everyone is chilling by the pool. And then the inexplicable happens. Frank and Zach walk out in identical pink Speedos, start modeling and giving lap dances. The next morning the teams assemble and T.

There is one more team. Will it be comprised of Marines? An invincible power team? No, it is team Fresh Meat — contestants who have never lived in a Real World house. The challenge is to climb a rickety ladder and cross wobbly beams suspended 30 feet above the water, and climb down a ladder on the opposite side. If anyone falls, he or she has to start over.

Thomas and Fresh Meat are up. Sarah from Brooklyn is relieved as up to that point, Brooklyn was in last place. Then in Austin v. Preston gets his bearings and tries again. He makes it across and down in the nick of time. Sorry, Team Fresh Meat.

Cancun is the winner of this round, so they get to pick the team to face Fresh Meat in the elimination round.

zach and jonna real world dating guide

But ultimately Cancun picks Team Austin, which contains Wes, a wily and very cocky player who, for strategic reasons and for peace of mind, is the one to eliminate.

There are four types of challenges: The winning team gets to decide the category. Cancun picks the physical category. Wes and Lacey from Austin will represent Team Austin. He invites people to come kick his ass. No one is impressed and they disperse. Then it is time to party. Frank and Zach call themselves Batman and Robin. Zach says that he is Robin. And then before the Twilight Zone theme can be cued, the two peck each other on the lips.

Cancun group of women could make some collective noise and I am not referring to that one night a Challenge in which Jasmine has a little too much to drink. Why would you not sign Emilee? For all intensive purposes, she is like a rookie and this may not be the best thing. The best-case scenario is that Emilee gets a favorable match-up in an early elimination, wins, and then manages to stay out of the limelight longer into this game than expected.

The winners have a soft spot for LaToya and are afraid of Nia, so Emilee is the next logical first women thrown into the first elimination. Prove me wrong, fellow Bostonian! We last saw Devyn, although a breakout interview star throughout the season, struggling to compete against the formidable Namibian Desert maelstrom that was the Battle of the Seasons final challenge.

We last saw Devyn being dragged up a sand dune by her teammates in the final challenge of Battle of the Seasons, where she took third place. Can Devyn make up for her weaknesses on the field with crafty gameplay? Or will this fierce fashionista unravel under pressure? Why would you would sign Devyn?

She has an infectious and hilarious personality and excels at the social game. Besides a situation in which teammates have to rely on her to perform athletically, she is always a joy to have around.

Battle of the Seasons must have given a taste of what it means to compete, knowledge that she can use to her advantage this time around.

Why would you not sign Devyn?

zach and jonna real world dating guide

The Battle of the Seasons format played to her strengths great teammate, positive attitude, hystericalbut Free Agents may play to her weaknesses athletic and competitive drive. She and LaToya are going to be fast friends if only there were shopping options in Uruguay. The heat of her hair Best-case scenario: I think a finish somewhere in the middle is the best-case scenario for Devyn.

The women at the top of this bracket are just too strong to make it that far. I can see her having a gutsy elimination win where she proves everybody wrong. There is also a scenario where other competitors keep her around because they see her as someone they can beat in the Finals.

However, in a an every person for his or herself format, it is going to be most difficult to fall through any cracks and this scenario is highly unlikely. Anything in the range of the top seven or eight women is a victory for Devyn and I have feeling she is going to get there, but not much further. We viewers all benefit from having her comedic potential around as long as possible, so let us hope that her sophomore slump is not too dramatic.

Nia was last seen embodying a natural weather phenomenon in the Real World: Portland house, leaving a path of fear, destruction, and devastation in her wake. Although Nia is a Challenge rookie, her stormy reputation will not be a surprise to anyone.

Portland where she terrorized her roommates. Having matured and mellowed from the experience, this Challenge rookie assures that she is more interested in competition than stirring things up in the house. I am going to win. There is no other option. Why would you sign Nia? She has spent lots of time around professional athletes according to her book on dating and may have picked up some moves. She is a tall and strong woman who will have many a physical advantage over the majority of her fellow women.

Why would you not sign Nia? Those who do not fear her will want her eliminated as soon as possible. Jess Portland Strong Potential Enemies: Nia decidedly wins challenges and eliminations, corrals her weather systems, and works her way to a conceivable shot at the finals.

Hurricane Nia detection has improved since Portland. Some of the savvier veterans target her early and often in an attempt to diffuse her threat. Part of the experience of Hurricane Nia on Real World: Unpredictability is not something that usually succeeds on The Challenge. I think Nia may struggle to find her footing in her rookie campaign.

Unfortunately, the erroneous team vote for Leroy ended up being strategically misguided. Returning for her fifth challenge, Theresa is optimistic about her chances in Free Agents. Hampered in past games by relationship drama and unreliable partners, Theresa is ready to let her impressive athletic abilities speak for themselves.

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Or is she one outburst away from a plane ticket home? Why would you sign Theresa? Like her Fresh Meat II cast mate Brandon, this could be a make or break season for Theresa on The Challenge, so her level of competitiveness may be heightened. She has not traditionally been matched with the most dominant teams or partners, so the individual format could be to her advantage.

She is one tough cookie and will not back down from anyone This pugnacity landed her spots on Rivals opposite Camila and Rivals 2 opposite Jasmine.

You can sense her hunger. Why would you not sign Theresa? Despite circumstances out of her control, her track record is not the strongest she has never been within an elimination of the finals. Relationship drama seems to follow her during most Challenges.

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Her pugnacity is sometimes on the edge of volatility. Jasmine Rivals 2 Strong Potential Enemies: She seals her partner for Rivals 3 early on. This bodes well for her return for another season, but does not bode well for Free Agents.

I could go either way on Theresa. She and Nia are definitely the two from the back half of the preseason rankings who I would not be surprised to see in the top group at the end. Previously she appeared on Rivals season 21Battle of the Exes season 22Battle of the Seasons season 23and Rivals 2 season Her best finish was in the top 8 of women on Battle of the Seasons.