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To kick things off, we're taking a look at Gladstone's School for World Conqueror's #3, a new series by writer Mark Andrew Smith and artist. Cover for Gladstone's School for World Conquerors Series 2 Book 3. Pick up a .. Ether #3 #DarkHorse @darkhorsecomics #Ether Release Date: 1/25/ .. Daredevil: Born Again Full - Read Daredevil: Born Again Full comic online in high. Read comic online Gladstone's School for World Conquerors (), Reading Marvel Comics, DC Comics, Dark Horse Comic Online Publication date:

In this installment, Smith plays with an enticingly fun and interesting take on superhero comics, challenging the notion of a hero's constant victory of his nemesis and how that would affect a child that is being educated in the ways of villainy.

Watching Kid Nefarious and friends discover their parents losing over and over again in the pages of comic books which are banned from Gladstone's, for these obvious reasons is amazing. Gladstone's never talks down to kids and remains all-ages accessible.

GLADSTONE'S SCHOOL FOR WORLD CONQUERORS 3 by Mark Andrew Smith — Kickstarter

Better yet, they just might learn something about the tropes of superhero comics in the process. Gladstone's continues to impress, so if you've been neglecting this series for some oddball reason, it's time to stop doing so.

  • Featuring new teammates the Speed Spectre and Man 'O War.
  • Image Spotlight: Gladstone's School for World Conquerors

You're missing out, and everyone's going to make fun of you for it. A superhero dramedy set at a school for aspiring supervillains, the series is founded on the concept that the ongoing war between heroes and villains is faked, putting a new spin on the parent-as-supervillain metaphor.

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By sharing 'Gladstone's' you're helping us to educate the public about the project and helping us to get one step closer to our quest of 'world domination.

Risks and challenges Gladstone's School for World Conquerors 1 and 2 are printed. Book 3 is finished and ready to print.

GLADSTONE'S SCHOOL FOR WORLD CONQUERORS 2 by Mark Andrew Smith — Kickstarter

Because the printers are in China it will take two months to print, a month and a half for freight, a few weeks to get the books to Amazon. The trailer was done a while ago and says 'Only on Kickstarter', it is not in any way exclusive to Kickstarter and may be sold later through diamond or Amazon. For us Kickstarter is the prefered method of sale and we get more from every book sold through Kickstarter.

Questions about this project? I like relying on what I can do from the bare necessities and making something really great from that. A lot of the pages here are intense conversations and it took constant looking at the lettering script to tweak everything and get it as finely tuned as possible. I think in this issue we really get to know the full extent of the universe of Gladstone's and set that up.

The Skull brothers have some great character driven moments in this issue, and people are going to be able to understand just who they are in the series. I think the talk between Mrs. Skull and her sons was a little hard to crack in the dialogue and lettering stages. It took a lot of time to get that just right. I haven't really experienced any disagreeable aspects in working on the book and with Mark. Honestly, it's been a total blast and I hope it becomes an ongoing series and we do it forever," said Villavert.

There's not a lot of strain on my part when I read the story and imagine how to convey it into pictures. I can understand easily what he intended when he wrote it. But we didn't disagree even there. It was more like 'could you do it more like this?

It's easy working with Armand and there is no stress involved. He's the real deal. Mark's scripts are really open for interpretation which makes it really easy for me. If I ever did a major change I'd ask him first. The action scenes' beats are always tough to crack but I love doing action so the tougher the action, the more I love it. When it comes to the dramatic scenes I have to make sure I catch myself and not do too many boring panels of talking heads.

Making a conversation scene dynamic in comics is very tricky but overall I do enjoy solving those problems.

Gladstone's School For World Conquerors (Paperback)

Smith talked a little about the little quirks that Villavert added in certain classes during issue 3. I'm a sucker for those things, and different cool relics. Armand did a great job with the character expressions on these pages, and he picked great angles. I think my favorite panel is of Mummy Girl writing her phone number on Kid Nefarious' wrist.