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charlieskies amazingphil dating sites

Charlie Casey, or the youtuber charlieskies, became friends with Phil talking, Charlie began dating a mutual friend Stephen (3sixty5days). Please stop making Charlie (charlieskies) the villain in all your stories? # charlieskies#amazingphil#phanfiction#phanfictionauthors#rant# Charlie and Stephen started dating in early June research takes you unexpected places. (Photo: YouNow). “She just like told me all of this intimate gossip. Like, this person is dating this person, but this person doesn't know about it.

charlieskies amazingphil dating sites

Charlie and Phil's Apple Store photos from the zoo day: There is nothing definitive stated by either of them at the time to indicate a relationship, and they seemed to fall out of constant contact within a matter of months after meeting in real life. In June ofaround the same time Dan and Phil first began talking, Charlie began dating a mutual friend Stephen 3sixty5days. The four of them were friends up until Charlie and Stephen's messy breakup in that resulted in Charlie breaking Stephen's nose.

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In the period, Charlie made a few comments about his relationship with Phil, though ultimately none were entirely clear and Phil has certainly never offered up any perspective from his end. In and Charlie also became increasingly hostile towards Dan on social media and tweeted a number of inflammatory things - joking about phan, Dan's sexuality, calling Dan an asshole, and similar things.

After a series of especially confrontative tweets in Dan removed Charlie as a friend on all his social media accounts. Tweet captures credit to thephandirectorywhere you can find more discussion and analysis of these tweets.

Phil unfollowed him on social media in early Do you still like Phil? What is your OTP? I'm not gonna prank call Phil, that's not a good idea. I did it once ages ago and he didn't appreciate it. I'm not calling Phil, it's Friday evening he's probably Pablo is definitely love.

And if you get that reference, you're an awesome person. Do you ship phan? Err I used to I love both of them but The phandom killed it. You remind me of Dan so much. I've never heard that one before! Wait, is phan real?

Don't you feel awkward when you go to SitC and see Phil? We were hanging around and talking for like a while, and it was awesome.

charlieskies amazingphil dating sites

Fans started to contact the boy and started to ask him more and more about Dan and Phil. Charlie can be a bit of a jokester.

charlieskies amazingphil dating sites

He makes fun of Phan, but never takes it too far. The day everything changed One fateful day inCharlie decided to take his jokes further.

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His jokes went so far that it hit a nerve with Dan. Dan normally stays away from arguments, or tries to not make things escalate any further.

But this time he didn't.

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They full on went after each other. It was a full on argument on Twitter. A few other YouTubers caught on and chose their sides. Phil wasn't in any of it. He stayed completely silent through it all.

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But after a period of joking, insulting and offending it all went silent. Dan removed Charlie on Facebook and unfollowed him on Twitter. They didn't even try to work things out. They didn't even try to fix what they did. It all came down to one person.

charlieskies amazingphil dating sites

People were asking Charlie if he thought that Phil would forgive him. People were praying for the best.

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But it didn't end too well for him. People asked Charlie if he was alright. He said that times change and that stuff like this can happen. He shared on tumblr and twitter that he was kind of disappointed but still held on to the possibility of maybe fixing things between him and Phil. He always said how he would be there for him, even though he probably hated him, even though Phil probably didn't want anything to do with Charlie.

Charlie held on to the possibility. He stayed online for a period of time.


But he got a lot of hate. People who sided with Dan started to send him unsettling and hateful things. There were people who had known him for a longer time, they saw a different side of Charlie, so they were sending Charlie nice things. He still occasionally posted videos, even after deleting all of his older ones.