Dating a beta males

Dating Alpha Males VS. Beta Males - Make Men Commit

dating a beta males

This is where the topic of "Beta" males comes in. So I challenge you, the next time you consider dating, to find yourself a "Beta male" - you. Let's talk about feminine beta males. Let's talk about what it is like dating a feminine beta male - what you should pay attention to, what to avoid, what you should. Beta Male is an entirely different type of date and partner, but one who is % worth holding onto. Here are 12 signs you're dealing with a.

With beta males you will have to be explicit with what you want. Remember, they need extra reassurance and tons of green lights to make things happen. If they are not sure they would rather not take a risk… you know, just like us, females. In dating and relationships such males expect rather to follow than be followed. So, with this being said, in case you are involved, he will gladly follow YOU. It is not like he is stupid, lazy or uninterested, it is just his personality.

12 Signs You’re Dating A Beta Male (And Why That’s A Good Thing)

If you are naturally proactive and like to make things happen, then you will do great with beta-men. Do not confuse it with being submissive though. He does have his own opinions. He wants to go with the flow and he wants you to be happy. Whatever you say or do will be welcomed. You are the CEO and he is a supervisor, remember?

We need to feel like the man we are with can provide and protect. With beta-males, where we feel like we need to take charge most of the time, we feel like we are the ones who have to protect.

Dating Alpha Males VS. Beta Males

We feel like these insecure and feminine beta-males are our beta-boys. I mean, it is like they are our children who need to be taken care of and supervised.

dating a beta males

Dealing with such men wakes up our motherly instinct which, quite often is on an unconscious level, makes us behave as if we were their mother. We tell them what to do, we supervise and remind; we become their caring mom and they — our little helpless pajama boy.

This kind of set up will eventually open another can of worms which will result in the loss of attraction and deterioration of a relationship.

dating a beta males

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In short, they want the upper hand in the relationship. If you are a strong, independent woman, then being with another alpha male may result in a competition to establish dominion over the other.

Moreover, alpha males do not generally understand subtle layers of languages, so you might have a little difficulty with communication. They like to be right all the time and come out on top every time.

Dating a beta male may be the best choice for a woman in this modern society. They are most often the most sensitive to women— they are good listeners, are able to comfort and sympathize. Where alpha males may be a bit animalistic in nature, betas are more refined. They have excellent communication skills, are creative, and can be very romantic.

dating a beta males

Beta males can be quite the emotional type, which is seen as a weak trait among males. They can easily get discouraged as well, lacking the natural and innate sexy self-esteem of the alphas. Their sometimes passive and subordinate role may leave you initiating direction for your relationship, which can be quite frustrating. They give more emphasis on nurturing their intelligence and creativity rather than invest on their physical appearance.