Matt mercer dating marisha ray imdb

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matt mercer dating marisha ray imdb

Marisha Ray (m. ). Website, Matthew Christopher Miller, known professionally as Matthew Mercer and Matt Mercer, is an Cast Includes Final Fantasy 15's Ray Chase And Overwatch's Matt Mercer ". Upcoming › matt mercer marisha ray dating matthew mercer on twitter : "date night with @marisha_ray Pictures & photos of matthew mercer - imdb. The best way to sum her up is this: The cast so far has made two personal playlists about Played by Marisha Ray, who can just never win. And there was a meme going around that Matt Mercer had a secret notebook with all Marisha is the DM's fiancé as of last October, and girlfriend before that, which.

I jumped into the second game they played, after some prompting from Liam. He wrote me and told me they had an empty seat at the table, and if I was interested, I should get my butt over there. It was February 3, and was one of the best last minute decisions I ever made. We started all playing this campaign about 3 years ago. Well we played and freakin loved it. So we kept getting together every couple months to play some more. All of us were a little unsure about saying yes, because we were afraid it might change our game.

Now we have an excuse to play every week, haha. The game you are watching is actually our long running campaign that we started about three years ago as friends. And,… well, you can see how it turned out. Ashley Johnson The Mary Sue: What is your personal relationship to gaming like?

I have an older brother and sister and we had any and every console our parents would let us have and could get our hands on.

We were also very much a tabletop gaming family. I got more heavily into video games when I was in my early twenties. I was going through a rough patch and gaming sort of pulled me out of it. So yes, I think I would classify myself as a gamer. Playing video games is my glass of wine at the end of the night. I grew up on video games. My husband and I each have our own gaming setups in our house.

But we still team up for Call of Duty sessions with our friends. Personally, gaming has always been a huge part of my life.

matt mercer dating marisha ray imdb

In reality, everyone is a gamer in some way. Whether your jam is sports, video games, Candy Crush, or even Sudoku in the morning paper, everyone enjoys a little recreational gaming every once in awhile. We always want to welcome in more people to our awesome club. As a woman, I think we all deal with pushback in one way or another on a daily basis. The only time I really feel that pushback is mainly on social media platforms. They said they never realized Dungeons and Dragons could be so inclusive.

He also frequently brings a gun to a sword fight. Other than that, Percy as a character is the definition of a slowburn. But only for him. Other features of his characters are a, in his words, horrible mind that comes up not only with the first guns in the history of this fantasy setting, but also numerous other creative things to tinker that may or may not kill people. Oh, yeah, and even though his personal arc is technically over by episode 36, Matt Mercer is a cruel god and brings shit back to an extremely devastating extent thirty episodes later.

Now, twenty more episodes after that, Percy is still dealing with his issues, and is slowly coming down from a manic into a depressive phase. And there was a meme going around that Matt Mercer had a secret notebook with all the reveals in it, and he would give it to you if you defeat him in single combat? And therein lies the tragedy of both her and Keyleth. And why is that? Keyleth is a combination of Aang and Britta from community, thrown in with a sheltered upbringing and poor people skills.

Keyleth is the dutiful princess I mentioned above.

matt mercer dating marisha ray imdb

To eventually lead the tribe, she has been sent on her Aramente, a trip to all the other Ashari tribes where she has to fulfill various quests to understand balance and shit. She also has to prove herself a hero in the process, something Keyleth… Struggles with.

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Grog Strongjaw The aforementioned big guy who hits people. Or turns them into raspberry paste. He even has the right shirt. In the wrong colors. And then he got into fights with the people beating his fellow theater nerd friends up. When your wife gets the romance arc she deserves. Just their Halloween costume on occasion. And has led to the absurd situation where Laura had to tell her real life husband that she has a fantasy boyfriend.

And every time she gets to a romantic scene with said fantasy boyfriend, Travis is cheering. RelationshipGoals Grog is the big guy of the group. The only dedicated tank they have, with an intelligence of 6 that keeps him from being able to read, write, or even count really.

One of my favorite scenes is in episode 40, in which Grog manages to outwit the two cleverest members of the party over an artifact in what is one of the tensest sequences on the show ever, that got very close to being an all-out fight between player characters. Due to not being one to hide behind words or overthink things, Grog is also quite open with his feelings and his earnestness is what brought me to tears on occasion. He just has a lot of heart, okay?

matt mercer dating marisha ray imdb

And always hits you with it when you least expect it. The bit in episode 1 is really the most uncomfortable that ever gets, and at least all sex workers are portrayed with as much agency as that position allows for, so… Well.

Do not trust this man. He will destroy you and laugh about it.

Matthew Mercer

To the degree that not only did his fellow cast members yell at him, the crew shot him with nerf darts, and a recent Talks Machina episode opened like this. Too bad they had no actual shame bells. Scanlan is the little guy, a gnome bard to be exact, who hits on people. Mostly women, but there have been instances and word of god on twitter that confirmed him as not entirely straight.

No one in this party is, and I will fight you about that.

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We can witness the creation of his character on the second episode of the podcast I keep mentioning: I want to be the worst! He, Grog, and a possessed sword were a good cop, bad cop, no cop trio for a while. And because bards are amazing and crazy that way, can due to game mechanics make anyone believe anything, talk them into anything, and get away with it unscathed. Oh, and also, he does songs and they do something in combat. Occasionally, Laura also writes less filthy but unfailingly hilarious limericks for him.

She occasionally comes back, or skypes in though.

matt mercer dating marisha ray imdb

Pike is the cleric the party is missing most of the time, the mom friend, the good influence on everybody, but basically down for everything. She has a very cute friendship with Grog, whom she and her great great grandfather took in after he was abandoned by his herd.

I just hope the show will handle Scanlan treating the new woman in his life in a similar fashion just as aptly. Tiberius Stormwind A befuddled dragonborn sorcerer played by Orion Acabaon a quest to find legendary magical items.

Orion left the show after episode 27 which, incidentally, is the only episode I will not recommend watching. Avoid the comment sections, always. His character got about 4 different send-offs, all of which were nothing but respectful, and all sides insist there are no hard feelings, soI think we should leave it at that.

Matthew Mercer, the illustrious Dungeon Master The guy in whose brain this story is happening. Man of a thousand voices. Casually passes the Bechdel test by talking to himself.

Honestly, how he manages to prep the story and battle maps, and still have a day job just astounds me. He also finds the time to engage with people on twitter and reddit and at the numerous conventions he and Marisha travel to. And even when the internet screams at him for getting rules wrong or homeruling stuff, Matt is never anything but courteous.

I hear his hair is insured for ten thousand dollars. One time, he answered my question on twitter. Matt is usually a merciful god, giving out plenty of magical items remember that fetch quest series I mentioned?

You get an overpowered item! And you get an overpowered item! Usually And then he will throw in items that wreck utter havoc for shits and giggles, mess with your emotions, destroy his own creations, make you fight the demons inside your head, literally, and be complicit to the greatest con ever pulled on the players.