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Telus and Koodo's $60/10GB promo plan will expire on December times have been long on both phone, online chat and social media. 97 jobs Sales Representative (Koodo) | Guildford Town Centre, Surrey, BC. CA-BC- Vancouver-Surrey. Posting Date: Jan 7, - Requisition ID: RET Recently online. Dinh · Mats · David AKU · Chris Koodo · Allan M. Find answers to your questions. Stay up-to-date on all things Koodo. Help fellow Koodo.

What are the PC mobile Service Terms? These Service Terms describe your wireless voice and data services and cover the use of your device and account, billing and warranty information, your privacy rights and service cancellation. As part of our commitment to putting customers first, we want to make sure that we are clear and transparent in helping you fully understand what PC mobile provides. By using our services, you agree to the terms and conditions outlined below. As you read through these Service Terms, please note that: Can PC mobile change the terms of service in my Agreement?

Yes, PC mobile has the right to change any of the terms that are outlined in your Agreement, except those covered by the Price Guarantee, which we will not change without your consent.

The notice will include a copy of the new service term or of the new and former versions of a modified service term, the date that the change will occur and a description of your rights to cancel service if applicable and as required by law. What if I do not agree with the changes that PC mobile makes to my Agreement? If you do not agree with a change that affects the Price Guarantee, you may cancel your service by providing a notice to PC mobile within thirty days of the effective date of the change.

If the change we make increases your obligation or reduces ours, cancellation fees will not apply. If you do not agree with changes related to an optional feature, you may cancel the feature without penalty. If you continue to use the service after thirty days from the effective date indicated in the notice, the new service term will become effective. Can I transfer my Agreement to someone else? You may not transfer the Agreement to anyone else. Who is responsible for complying with the PC mobile Service Terms?

On a PC mobile account with multiple users, both the account owner and the actual user of the service are responsible for complying with the Service Terms. Can any of these Service Terms be void? It is possible for one or more of the Service Terms to be or become void, prohibited or unenforceable for example, as a result of a new interpretation of the law. In this case, the particular service term s will not apply, but the remaining terms will continue to be binding for both you and PC mobile.

You can only use PC mobile services for your own individual use with compatible devices and in compliance with the law. You also agree not to: Resell the service or receive any charge or benefit for the use of the service by any third party; Use the service to send any threatening or obscene material or to harass, embarrass or invade the privacy of another person; Engage in any activity that could compromise the security of the service or any network or computers on the Internet, or that could interfere with the services of any Internet access provider; Use the service in any way that requires excessive network capacity or that may adversely affect other PC mobile customers or the service; Copy or change the identification functions of the service or your device, or permit anyone other than a PC mobile authorized person to do so; Threaten, abuse or harass any PC mobile Customer Service Rep; Use a device that has been reported lost or stolen to any wireless service provider.

Where will I have coverage? PC mobile service covers almost all of the populated areas in Canada and gives you access to extensive roaming coverage worldwide. Coverage areas and the connectivity in these areas will depend on the availability of network facilities. These are subject to change from time to time without notice. Can I stay connected when I travel outside of Canada? Roaming services are available on compatible network technology and are provided when you are outside of Canada in places where PC mobile has roaming agreements with other telecommunications companies.

Roaming service areas may vary without notice. There may also be times when you are charged for roaming while still within PC mobile coverage areas.

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When you are roaming, you will be connected using the services of another wireless service provider. As a result, you will be responsible for all applicable charges, and are subject to the terms and conditions of the service as imposed by that other provider these may include limitations of liability and possibly the provision of unwanted services and content.

To check the network availability and rates in different countries, visit pcmobile. Please keep in mind that special numbers for emergency services and operator assistance may vary by country, so dialling the numbers that you use in Canada may not work.

Koodo Mobile

It is your responsibility to look up and use country-specific numbers when roaming outside of Canada. Will my PC mobile services always work in PC mobile coverage areas? We monitor our networks to keep them running continuously.

However, there are times when PC mobile must temporarily suspend or restrict the service to maintain, restore or repair the network. Also, to ensure fair network access to all users, PC mobile may manage network resources using methods including, but not limited to: Allocation of bandwidth, which may limit the availability or speed of data service; Filtering for spam and malicious content, which may occasionally result in unintended blocking of inoffensive content; and Restricting the network access available to specific transmission protocols.

Atmospheric conditions including solar activities ; Physical obstacles interfering with the transmission of radio signals; Limitations on the capacity of the network to carry traffic from all nearby users; Technical limitations of the systems of other telecommunications companies or limitations of the interconnection of transmission facilities; Defects or failures in network equipment; or Emergency or public safety requirements.

Do I own my wireless telephone number? However, please note that you do not own your number. This means that if you leave PC mobile and choose not to take your phone number with you we have the right to assign your number to another customer. You also do not own any group or private direct-connect number, IP address, network equipment identifier, domain name, email address or other identifier assigned by PC mobile.

Do I need to pay a deposit to use my PC mobile services? We may require a security deposit or apply a spending limit on your account because of a credit check or your payment history. If you keep your account active and current for twelve consecutive months, this deposit will be returned to you as a bill credit.

If you cancel your PC mobile account, we will refund the deposit, minus any amount that you may owe which may include late payment and cancellation charges. PC mobile may apply the deposit at any time to amounts that you owe for your mobility services, under this Agreement or any other service agreement you have with us.

If your deposit is used to pay an overdue account, we will send you a notice informing you of the payment. You must then replenish the deposit and we will give you ten days to do so from the date indicated on the notice. Your wireless device s Can I use any device with my PC mobile service?

koodos online dating

Although PC mobile networks are able to support a wide range of devices, not all devices will work on our networks. Your wireless device and software must meet PC mobile standards to access our service and operate properly with our service. Such standards may change from time to time at our sole discretion, and you are responsible for updating your device and software as necessary to meet these standards.

PC mobile may also remotely update or change the software and settings on your device at any time without notice to ensure that it continues to operate properly on our service. A device that has been reported lost or stolen cannot be used with the service. Your PC mobile account Who is responsible if someone else uses my account? You are responsible for your account and for the activities of anyone who uses it.

To prevent unauthorized use, you must maintain the confidentiality of the login names, passwords and other identification methods that you use to access your account. If any person makes a claim against PC mobile in connection with the use of our service or of any device on your account, you will indemnify PC mobile against any loss or expense that PC mobile may incur, including any judgment made against us.

How does PC mobile manage user content? The Internet can be used to spread viruses and other malicious content. PC mobile has the right, but not the obligation, to monitor or log any PC mobile Internet site or use of the service. This allows us to enhance operating efficiencies and to protect PC mobile and its customers from spam, malicious content and other unlawful activity.

If we believe any Internet capability or data accessed through our service is in violation of any of the Service Terms, we have the right to remove or block it. How long does PC mobile keep content on my account? PC mobile may delete, without notice, messages and emails that have been stored on your account for more than thirty days. PC mobile may also delete, without notice, any user content stored by or for PC mobile that is not accessed in a thirty-day period and all third-party content that has not been accessed for more than ninety days.

PC mobile is not responsible for the actions of any third-party service, application or content provider. Your PC mobile bill What is included in my monthly bill? Your bill can include charges for voice calls including long distancemessaging, data use and purchases that you are entitled to charge to your PC mobile account.

Your chosen rate plans and features are billed one month in arrears. All usage that exceeds the limits of your rate plan or features is also billed in arrears.

You may also see other fees for administrative services, such as bill reprints that you request. Voice calls Charges for voice calls are based on the airtime used when you make and receive calls on your mobile phone.

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Voice airtime is calculated, for both incoming and outgoing calls, from the time the call is initiated to the time it is disconnected, including the time used to route the call through the network and any ring time. The airtime for each voice call is rounded up to the nearest minute unless your rate plan or feature states otherwise. Long distance charges are incurred when you make voice calls from one local calling area to another and also for all calls you receive when outside your local calling area.

Long distance calls may include the local minutes of your plan and may result in charges for the local airtime minutes that exceed your rate plan or features. Data PC mobile advertises all our data rates in megabytes. When roaming outside of Canada and the United States, each data session is rounded to units of 20 kilobytes per session.

The Data Saver add-on is designed to simplify the purchase of mobile Internet services. Initially, the Koodo Tab allowed customers to receive a subsidized phone, by applying a portion of the monthly bill to the customer's Tab.

koodos online dating

InKoodo discontinued this, and on top of the monthly plan they started charging an additional Tab charge for 24 months; the amount of this Tab charge varies according to the phone chosen by the customer. Voice plans[ edit ] Koodo is a discount wireless brand, offering budget plans since its launch. On September 21,Koodo has revamped and simplified their plans.

Long distance charges for calls made from Canada to a Canadian number, or any call received in Canada. All the plans include unlimited nights and weekends. While they now feature the caller ID and voicemail calling features, per-second billing was replaced with per-minute billing. Prepaid monthly plans were introduced on August 22, for the back-to-school season. All plans include unlimited text, and all except the lowest priced one also include a period of unlimited provincial talk time.

All current prepaid and postpaid plans include the caller IDcall waitingconference call and voicemail calling features.

Postpaid customers also have the "Family Calling" feature, which allows unlimited Canada-wide calls to other people on the same account, with up to a total of five people per account. Data services[ edit ] Various data services are available at Koodo. Some older customers may have a grandfathered version of this plan, but they will lose it if they switch to a newer plan. A credit check is necessary prior to activation. Said amount is then applied as an interest-free loan to the customer's account.

Customers will be billed the dollar amount on the tab over a month period interest-free, unless they cancel their service with Koodo Mobile. Anyone using the Tab can pay off the remaining amount and keep the phone if they decide to leave.

Please update this article to reflect recent events or newly available information. June The success Koodo received in its first year of operation, with its simple plan lineup and lack of carrier-charged system access and fees, prompted competitors Rogers Wireless and Bell Mobility to mimic Koodo's monthly plans via their mobile brands: Controversy[ edit ] Discontinuation of per-second billing[ edit ] Numerous current and prospective Koodo customers became disappointed and frustrated with the removal of per-second billing on Koodo Mobile's February monthly voice plans.

Customers were given no advance warnings of these changes, although a third-party blog did provide a leaked brochure of the new per-minute plans.

One of the five plans was also lowered to minutes instead of the previously included, but the backlash to this change prompted the company to reverse this decision.

Customers on Koodo's Facebook profile and the operator's Get Satisfaction Internet forum criticized the removal of per-second billing, perceiving it as " one step forward, two steps back ".

Existing customers with old plans are grandfathered with per-second billing, but will receive per-minute billing if they change their plan. There are currently over frustrated customers voicing their support for per-second billing, some threatening to leave the operator. An April Fools' Day spoof joking about Koodo billing per hour has also been posted by the thread's creator.

The brand uses bright and punchy colours with vivid imagery and playful animations. Previously, advertising efforts were handled by Taxi 2 in Toronto. The character is a masked male lucha libre wrestler, who has been featured in billboards and also on animated TV ads. The character was discontinued as part of a brand refresh that occurred inas part of the provider's new campaign "Choose Happy".