Modern european history birdsall viault online dating

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modern european history birdsall viault online dating

You didn't give the book author so I'm not sure that this is the right one, but here's the one by Birdsall Viault. If it's not right, then search on. Birdsall Viault - Modern European History - This book is really useful for looking up book, but I hear it's not quite as detailed or up to date as the AP Achiever. What are the best session-paced online AP courses for World History/European. Coverage of the most up-to-date developments in your course field. In-depth review of Modern European History [ Viault, Birdsall S. ] Used - Acceptable.

Follow this and the rest is easy. Students who have accumulated more than 3 unexcused absences will have 10 points per un-excused absence deducted from their total score for the semester. Students who habitually sleep in class may be counted absent. Students who are late for class over 3 times without excuse will have 5 points deducted from their total grade for each un-excused tardy. This also disqualifies you for the attendance bonus.

This is due the next class day back — or the class period before in cases of school-sponsored activities. Sickness, hospitalization, school functions, death in the family. Therefore, I expect you to be here and participate. Packing up early annoys me, and doing so ensures that whatever I am saying will be on the test. Discussion As this is an honors section, a large portion of your grade in this class comes from classroom discussion.

Students are responsible for all readings in both the Spielvogel and supplemental texts, and assigned material on the course web-site prior to class time. There is a regular discussion grade for participation, particularly on the days book abstracts are due.

I consider quality over quantity, and all students will be given an opportunity to participate in discussion. Discussion is worth points of your grade. For this course, there are three additional texts Elliott, Johnson, Ryan. These are required reading for designated discussion days and there will be an essay over these texts on each exam. In addition, students are required to complete abstracts of two of the three books.

Each assignment is worth points. Students must also complete two of the three handouts required as homework. The assignments are listed on-line. Each handout is worth points, and must have an attached bibliography. Presentation The last week of class students will give in-class presentations. These presentations are to last 20 minutes and to trace the origins and modern manifestations of one aspect of western culture.

Student may choose to demonstrate the growth and use of an architectural style, artistic theme, political form or concept or another aspect of civilization. The topic must be approved prior to the class period.

modern european history birdsall viault online dating

This is not to be the same topic as your term paper, though they may be related. Topics must be approved ahead of time. Presentations will be graded on content accuracy, presentation ability and critical analysis. Students may use technology, but it is not required. Presentation order will be determined by a random drawing in class, and will be delivered the last week of class. Topics are due Jan. Bibliographies are due Mar. Academic integrity is a critical part of this process.

The clearest example is the use of a direct quote without quotation marks and a citation of the original work. However, changing a few words without citing is also considered plagiarism. Cutting and pasting from a web-site is plagiarism. Maintaining academic integrity also means that each student should complete his own work — both in and out of class. Such action on the part of a student may also merit disciplinary action and notification of the incident will be made to the Academic Affairs Office.

Students must complete and return the plagiarism form on the course web-site or their homework will not be accepted. Integrity is a precious commodity in our world — do not sell yours for a mess of pottage.

As students at a Christian university, I expect the following: You will treat one another with Christian respect.

Minimally, this means that you should tolerate what others may have to say about a particular topic, even when you may disagree.

Modern European History

Toward the end of the year, my class came to me and asked whether I could find a way to teach them anything during their senior year. David and I had already discussed the possibility of restoring AP European History to the curriculum.

This plea from the students offered the break we needed to sell our favorite idea: By studying both subjects all year, students would avoid the problem of becoming distanced from either one by the time they took the AP exams.

Our plan required students to take both AP courses history and English designed for their grade level. In order to reach our ultimate goa ;combining U. Our juniors, who were about to complete U. History and Literature and Composition, would move into European History and Language and Composition during their senior year.

Incoming juniors would take U. History along with the introductory Language and Composition class. A final aspect of our team-teaching structure was to alternate which subject began the course sequence at each level. Juniors would begin with history and proceed to English, while seniors would do the opposite. Students were receptive to the new combined course, as were our administrators and school counselors, who were delighted to see the number of AP classes and students increase.

With this go-ahead, we began to plan for team-teaching in earnest.

Modern European History by Birdsall S. Viault | eBay

The first was to mate the school calendar for the coming year with the new AP course schedules. The next was to prepare a combined syllabus for each course. The most recent form of each syllabus appears in Figures 1 and 2.

Last, we spent time preparing our classrooms.

Modern European History by Birdsall S. Viault

Our students also had and have summer work. This provided students with good base knowledge about colonial development and the Great Awakening when the course began. Also recommended were two U.

modern european history birdsall viault online dating

History review books by Arnold S. This provided excellent training in the use of the Socratic method and primary documents, both of which are emphasized in our AP courses. The designation of South Fork as an International Baccalaureate school caused some modifications in our plans by introducing I. We also plan to take more advantage of local historical and literary sites for field trips, and to expand student use of the Internet.

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Figure 1 Advanced Placement Syllabus: Purpose These courses will prepare students to take the Advanced Placement exams and possibly earn college credit. Where possible, literary selections have been made in conjunction with units in U. You will alternate each week between Mr.

Trail ;s history classes using the attached schedule. Requirements You will be expected to keep a notebook for all of your assignments, and to complete each assignment by the due date.

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Please be ready with paper and pens at the beginning of each class. The Schedule by Weeks U. Colonization Reading America at 2. Paine, Common Sense 3. The Federalist Papers 5. Franklin, letters and essays 7.

The Era of Good Feelings and the War of 8. Thoreau, Civil Disobedience 9. Crane, The Red Badge of Courage Steinbeck, The Grapes of Wrath Slavery and the Civil War Lee, Grant, and Douglass, letters The Gilded Age Winter Break.