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online dating testimonials

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I was so flattered and I didn't know what to say. When I spoke to Erica on the phone and heard her voice, my feelings for her grew and I became fonder of her. I was falling in love. It was as if we had known each other for ages. We would chat for hours at night and during weekends.

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I was thinking about her constantly and we were talking more over the phone. Just before I met her, I went through a bad break-up with an ex-girlfriend. I was having a bad time myself, but I told Erica I would be there for her anytime of the night. She could just call or text me and I'd go online this was when mobile data had not existed.

This brought us closer together, as we slowly learned about each other. Erica was constantly on my mind, so every night we would call and chat whenever we could. This went on for 2 months until the beginning of July when Erica said "Do you want to go travelling with me? I didn't hesitate to say yes, we arranged it so that I could see Erica in two weeks time. I was so pleased to know that there were seats available for two to Shanghai and so I went on to book the flight. My stomach felt as if it had butterflies in it at the very thought of travelling with Erica to another country.

I didn't expect myself to feel like this for someone I've just met. On the day of our flight, I was nervous. As I waited at the airport, I recognized Erica immediately. Seeing her made me more relaxed - with her by my side, I knew that everything would be fine.

The one week that followed was absolute bliss. We got on really well and she showed me around Shanghai, places she had visited before. I had a really nice time visiting all the famous places and enjoying the delicious food. When our holiday ended, it was sad for me because it would be challenging to find time to meet again, due to our busy schedules. The taxi ride home was depressing.

online dating testimonials

As soon as it was possible, I called Erica to hear her voice again. After that trip together, we started talking about marriage and having children. We had to sort out where we should live and what problems we might encounter along the way. I eventually mustered the courage to propose marriage to Erica, and I was ecstatic when she said Yes!

On the 23rd of Januarywe got married at the banks of Singapore River. Until now, I still find it hard to be apart from Erica. I love you Erica! Upon our first meeting, we immediately clicked and our lunch date extended to many more dates to come. However, our second meeting almost did not materialise as I lost Sun May's mobile number due to my faulty hand phone. But thanks to esync's efficient staff, Joanne, I got back in touch with Sun May.

online dating testimonials

To all who are still searching for your other half, do not give up! Feon and Chee Yong esync is an excellent platform for singles.

Coordination on dates was well-organized, and our dating consultant was really caring. We started our relationship 9 months after the first date arranged by esync in Feb After the first date, Feon joined a meet-up group for weekend activities, which I recommended to her.

We had fun and also got to know each other better during the activities, then we went to Bali for vacation in October. Our relationship was made official on my birthday 24 November. My advice to singles is: You'll be able to find love when the timing is right. However, when the time comes, both parties have to take the initiative to get to know each other better and show your commitment to each other. Love will not happen if you do not take any action even when the timing is right.

Initially there was some anxiety and we did have many things to work on, but esync has helped us tremendously by giving us guidance and advice.

So, we finally managed to get to know each other better and work on our relationship. Now we are very confident about our future. Our advice to friends out there who have not found love: A thousand miles begins with a single step. Little did I know that it would lead me to the love of my life, Ling. I thought it was just another dating platform. We joined about the same time. In one lucky date, I met her. I felt that she was the one for me, so we started going out more often and started to know each other better.

Our relationship slowly progressed, from friends to lovers and from lovers to life partners. We are now happily married with a child, thanks to esync. Nonetheless, I still looked forward to meeting him as our date was arranged one day after my birthday. I had hopes that he would be the one to fulfil my birthday wish I wanted to settle down with someone suitable for me. The meeting with Thomas was delightful and relaxing as he was very chatty and there was no awkward silence throughout the whole meeting.

We did not start our relationship until March as we were both distracted by our careers then. However, we still kept in touch as friends and caught up with each other occasionally. We enjoyed each other company, and we can talk freely with each other. Most importantly, Thomas speaks my love language!

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He gave me lots of attention in a relationship, pampered me with love and was willing to spend quality time with me. We are now busy preparing for our wedding in October ! A word of encouragement to those singles that are in the mature age group: The process of finding true love is tiring, but once you find him, you will have plenty of happy memories together. Peggy and Boon Peng Thanks esync for helping us each other.

Our meet up was quite interesting. Boon Peng took more than one month to approve our first date and we took another month to adjust our schedules to meet each other. We want to thank Jessie, our consultant for her patience in arranging our first date. That's lunch, tea time and dinner!

online dating testimonials

This was out of expectation - we didn't expect the date to go so well. We had a good impression on each other and our second date was on the second day. We texted each other very frequently and eventually talked on the phone every night.

Of course, we also went on more dates after that. It took us just two weeks to start our relationship, and it was the best choice we've made. The system allows us to meet other individuals apart from our usual social circle and the dates were very well arranged.

Personally, we have introduced our friends to esync too. It was just an ordinary night. We met each other at a romantic restaurant in the crowded TST. We had a joyful first date and immediately felt attracted to each other. After several follow-up dates, we could feel the "spark" and we decided to make our relationship official.

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But as long as you don't give up, you'll find love, just like us! Fui Sia appeared in my list of newly available matches on a Saturday morning. I viewed her profile and felt that she was the perfect match for me. This prompted me to try my luck and click approve, with hopes that Fui Sia would approve me as well.

I waited and waited….

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Jessie from esync contacted me and arranged for our first date. Few days before the date, I was super nervous. I kept reminding myself to stay calm and be more polite. On the day of the date, I stood outside of the restaurant. Before going in, I calmed down and told myself: I walked into the Restaurant. The restaurant manager greeted me and before I could tell him that I had a reservation under "Jamie and Violet", the manager said: The lunch lasted for around 2 hours.

Then, we had a walk in the mall and went to Starbucks for some coffee. I found out that she does not drink coffee, so she had green tea instead. We continue chatting, I was hoping that this would continue but it was late, so we exchanged number and said goodbye. Our common interest was investing and home cooking. So we exchanged our views and got to know each other better by sharing cooking recipes.

We planned our 1st trip to Cameron Highlands and we had a wonderful time collecting self-plucked strawberries and visiting tea farms. We still have more trips to come in the next chapter of our lives.

Our Success Stories

Fui Sia and I are now married! Our friends and relatives often ask us, how did both of you meet? Some of my friends even private messaged me, asking me to share esync's website with them.

We have had our success through this system, so can you. I found that we have common interests. He knows how to cook, and he likes running marathons. When he asked me for a date, I did not approve the request immediately as I was considering whether to meet him. I didn't like his old-fashioned hairstyle. It wasn't attractive to me: P I've requested a new haircut, and he gladly obliged.

On the day we met, I felt nervous so I reached 10 minutes earlier to the restaurant because I can take the extra time to calm down before meeting him. I told myself to just treat it as getting to know a new friend.

I asked him whether he preferred to speak in Mandarin or English. He asked me what language I prefer, and I felt more relaxed because he can speak Mandarin. Our date lasted from He told me that our date was the longest date among all his other dates I am his 8th date: Now, we are married. He really takes care of me and some of his actions really makes me feel touched. I signed up for a 6-month package and wanted to look for someone who loves me and goes travelling with me, and I met him on my second date.

I can say that Esynchrony really works, especially for me because I am the shy and quiet type. It is quite hard for me to get to know new people. Esynchrony also made me feel safe and I was more willing to go on dates arranged by them because we can view their profile before we meet. Thank you esync for the perfect match. We would recommend esync to all singles out there who are still looking for their special half.

Give yourself a chance at love. Dilys and Edmund Destiny- That is how I would describe our relationship. But can you imagine that I did not have any mutual friends with Edmund on Facebook?

That means that, if it's not for esync, we would never have met each other! Thanks to esync's scientific and practical matching algorithm, Edmund and I could meet each other and start a relationship together!

Thanks esync for bringing happiness and love to us! From Dilys Chan I wanted to find a girl I had "sparks" with. I had imagined that she would be someone who's considerate and outgoing. During my dates with esync, I put a lot of effort to get to know them personally.

When they got home, I would also ask them to message me, so that I can be assured of their safety. Although I put in a lot of effort in dating, some of them became friends with me, some of them went on a second date with me, but it wasn't working for me because I didn't feel any "sparks" during the dates.

I met her via esync when my dating package only had 1 month left. We had a nice first date and as usual I requested her to message me when she arrived home safely. My second first date, I fell head over heels — we went to an amusement park filled with mini-golf and games, got a coffee then went to the movies.

When he proposed, he duplicated the first date and put his proposal on the theatre marquee. Story continues below advertisement I was one of the lucky ones. I decided to try online, and married the second person that I dated. Six years and one kid later plus one in uteroI've never been happier with anyone in my life.

I knew it was him because he was wearing the same coat as in the photos he'd sent, but in person, I wasn't attracted at all. Cringing, I cancelled our date by text, lying that I had car trouble and couldn't make it. Of course, I then returned to my always reliable car and guess what wouldn't start?

When he arrived, he gave me a Ziploc bag full of unshelled nuts, which he told me he harvested from a tree in his backyard. Apparently, he thought I was a bit of a nut, based on a story I included in my profile. He said he was going to put the nuts in a fancy bag, but was concerned that I would think he bought them in a store, rather than picked from his tree.

Having just met the man, and having just received a plastic bag of nuts from him, I was understandably reserved, not that I'm usually boisterous. This was incredibly disappointing to him, and he told me so.

I had a guy message me a Jewish woman and say "Hey, I'm from Rwanda so we have genocide in common! Since then, I've had quite the fair share of horror stories: I've thrown in the towel, but garnered quite the number of goodies, including a man with a "recreational eye patch," a man who didn't speak English he used a translator to message me! He was 6' 8", said he was 6' 2".

The straw that broke the online camel's back? We had three lovely dates but he kept getting my name wrong in person, and texts.