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Samurai Flamenco (サムライフラメンコ) is a television anime series directed by The poll was created at on October 22, , and so far people voted. Anti-Terrorism With A Touch Of Sci-Fi (July 22, ); Sword Art Online II Set for 2nd Season · Boogiepop wa Warawanai () · Date A Live Ⅲ · Egao no. See more ideas about Samurai flamenco, Fangirl and Anime stuff. Crunchyroll - Samurai Flamenco Full episodes streaming online for free Samurai Flamenco Episode #22 Anime Review (Season Finale) Samurai .. "Get Barbershop 3 The Next Cut DVD and Blu-ray release date, trailer, movie poster and movie stats. #1: "DATE TIME" (デートTIME) by Mineral Miracle Muse. #2: "Flight " by Samurai Flamenco Episodes Streaming (Apr 30, ). Samurai Flamenco.

The strengths of this arc are its little flashes of self-aware humor—e. From there the show becomes a hero-on-the-run show, in which the world turns on Masayoshi and he must dodge police while unraveling what has happened to him and his superhero colleagues.

The arc is strongest when devolving into total nuthouse silliness. There's a horrible American superhero stereotype he shoots stars-and-stripes beams from his chest, drives a flag-themed big rig, and sings "The Star-Spangled Banner" to calm Masayoshi down and an Iron-Man-esque super-suit that is powered by the Prime Minister's approval rating, to name two particularly entertaining devolutions.

A poison streak of political satire adds some bite, and the return of the Flamenco Girls adds charm. The wrongly-accused business, on the other hand, is trite and dull, and the emotional muck involving a homeless man who befriends Masayoshi is The show goes directly from there to a very short arc about an invading alien super-race that is mostly an excuse for a brawl on the moon and to conjure up a cosmic explanation for the show's increasingly bizarre behavior.

The explanation, naturally, is that everything was a big coincidence—something about "strong wills" that attract wills from parallel universes and a magical galactic homophone for the word "Flamenco. Another world-altering upheaval later, and the show heads into its last arc, this one a psychological thriller about a teenaged menace who may or may not be real and is fixated on becoming Flamenco's evil nemesis.

samurai flamenco 22 online dating

It's probably the show's boldest experiment, shedding the show's humor—Flamenco's main saving grace—and going for deadly-serious drama about Goto's surprisingly messed-up psychology.

Unfortunately, it's pretty tired stuff all told, an uninspired mash-up of Gaslight head-games and killer-who-targets-hero's-loved-ones action. It fails where King Torture excelled, in its antagonist—an insufferable kid villain with one of those "I love you so I'll make sure you never forget me by twisting you up inside" complexes. It is saved only by its finale, in which Masayoshi turns the villain's evil psychological trap into an unspeakably hilarious showdown.

The nature of the villain's defeat also ameliorates. Director is a pro, but even he has his limits. His strength is finding a style that works for his project, and committing to it. But he can't blend in with Samurai Flamenco because it doesn't have an identifiable tone to blend into.

The best he can do is establish an appropriate atmosphere for each sub-series while keeping everything consistent enough to be recognizably part of the same whole. Only periodically does he truly kick into gear: Those moments are fluid, exhilarating. In the meantime, Omori's overall control is slipping. Characters, while handsome as always, move stiffly and messily, their features morphing and their expressions unnatural.

Haiji uses this against him by tying him up and deleting all of his girlfriend's texts, so that he could drive Hidenori mad and force him to kill him. Her talents and bright, energetic personality makes it easier to get along with everybody.

As opposed to Masayoshi's traditional sense of justice, Mari uses a more brutal, vengeance-based method of taking down criminals.

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Mari has a fetish for men in uniform, as she begins to blush whenever she sees Hidenori wearing his police uniform and tries to get him to dress up for her. After being kidnapped and tortured by King Torture, Mari develops a distant, angry personality and a hatred for superheroes, living and hiding at Hidenori's apartment.

She later explains to her companions that she went into hiding out of shame and feelings of inferiority towards Moe, reconciling with her friends and taking up the Flamenco Diamond identity once more. She is 18 years old. She is 19 years old and is from the Kansai region.

She was later poisoned before a concert by Haiji as part of his agitation on Masayoshi. She is a high-school student with a reserved, yet carefree personality.

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Moe is attracted to Mari, who often kisses her in moments of passion. She is also a native English speaker. She is 17 years old. While it still did an excellent job paying tribute to the super sentai genre, it did so with subtext that didn't match up with what was established in the show's 1st half. Tying back to what I was saying about this show taking on more than it can chew, the attempts at a deconstruction clashed with the narrative because of the already firm satirical stance the show had taken early on.

Both the 1st half and the 2nd could have worked respectfully on their own, but when combined, they didn't have proper cohesion, and as a result, felt forcefully tact onto each other. It's like going from watching Neon Genesis Evangelion to the 2nd arc turning into Pokemon.

Just because both titles have proxy battles, doesn't mean they should be bundled together as a single viewing experience.

That's essentially what Flamenco did in a nutshell. This mismatched exhibition wasn't limited to just the narrative either.

Samurai Flamenco (TV)

Like the show, the cast also ranged from down-to-earth to wacky. Some characters feel somewhat believable to what you'll find in the real world, like Hidenori Gotou, the show's person of reason and friend to our protagonist.

samurai flamenco 22 online dating

But then, on the other side of the spectrum, the antagonists can range from street-level thugs to batshit crazy megalomaniacs akin to a Saturday morning cartoon. The further the show goes down the spiral of nonsense, the more ludicrous the characters involve becomes. Even our person of reason is shown to have a rather disturbing backstory revealed towards the latter half of the show, almost as if the writers wanted to take him down to coo-coo land with the rest of the nut jobs introduced.

The lead protagonist, Masayoshi Hazama, was nothing more than a man-child, being an adult with the mindset of an adolescent. As such, most of his actions are done to counteract the rational mindset of Gotou in the show's beginning. This, of course, changes as the title progresses forward, but I'll leave that tidbit for you to discover yourself.

Samurai Flamenco

There is also a handful of supporting characters that get caught up in the fray, but for the most part, Gotou and Hazama are the characters that take up most of the limelight and relevance in the story. The art and animation for Flamenco were a cut above average but nothing overly impressive. While the choreography of some of the action scenes was stiff at times, they still were serviceable enough to get a pass.

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The color palette of the 1st half is somewhat subdued and tamed, which fit quite well with the realistic tone it was aiming to serve. Later on, that was swapped out for a more schizophrenic display of color and elasticity, which helped in ramping things up a notch, matching the new up-tempo tone that the show took on.

The sound department, for the most part, was an appropriate mix of rock, funk, latino and other superhero-esque flavoring used to add a nice punch to any given scene. It also doubled up as a means to establish atmosphere while also adding life where the animation couldn't perform on its own. The voice acting was also a cut above average with everyone involved delivering a satisfactory performance.

Special mention for Juurouta Kosugi, who did a great job bringing the character of Jouji Kaname to life by providing a particular type of machismo hamminess to the way he talked.