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cosmogonicos definicion yahoo dating

Ríchard Javier Morales Aguirre (born 21 February ) is a Uruguayan retired footballer who . Articles with Spanish-language external links · Use dmy dates from July · BDFutbol template with ID same as Wikidata · NFT template with . The Epistulae Morales ad Lucilium also known as the Moral Epistles and Letters from a Stoic, . The oldest manuscripts of the letters date from the ninth-century. For a long time the letters did not circulate together, letters 89– in particular. Ángel Alejandro Morales Santos (born 14 June ), nicknamed Matute, is an Argentine Date of birth, () 14 June (age 43). Place of birth.

After the fight, Morales said, "He was a brave fighter, and we both gave it all we had. We were both hurt during the fight. He was the biggest puncher I ever faced in the ring.

cosmogonicos definicion yahoo dating

Featherweight[ edit ] After nine successful title defenses, Morales chose to vacate his WBC Super Bantamweight title and his newly won WBO title in order to move up to the featherweight division. In his second fight at this weight, he fought year-old former world champion Kevin Kelleyin September Kelley was knocked down in the fifth and seventh rounds, he was finally trapped in that latter round by a flurry of five consecutive uppercuts from Morales.

Supported only by the ropes, a sixth uppercut landed, and the fight was stopped. In Februaryhe fought Guty Espadas, Jr.

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Morales won a close twelve-round decision to claim his third world title in his second weight division. Although Morales was highly rated in the featherweight division, Naseem Hamed was seen as the Lineal Champion of the division. Chi gave a strong effort, but Morales was the sharper, harder puncher and outworked him for much of the fight.

cosmogonicos definicion yahoo dating

Morales was cut and swollen over the left eye in the 6th round by an accidental clash of heads and Chi was penalized one point in the 10th round. Barrera II[ edit ] Morales then tasted defeat for the first time in his 42nd professional fight when he lost this time a controversial majority decision and his WBC title against Lineal Champion, Marco Antonio Barrera in Junein a re-match of their February fight. Morales constantly pressed forward and dominated much of the first half of the fight clearly winning at least 4 of the first 6 rounds.

Érik Morales

He was cut on the bridge of the nose in the 2nd round, and cut and swollen over his right eye in the 8th. However, he punched Barrera to the canvas during the middle rounds but this was called a slip. Barrera fought cautiously in the early rounds, but rallied as the fight progressed, although Morales seemed to narrowly win rounds 10 and 11, which when including his dominance in the first half of the fight, seemed to seal him the close victory on the score-cards. HBO's unofficial ring-side scorer: Harold Ledermanscored the fight — 7 rounds to 5 for Morales.

Morales bounced back with a dominating twelve-round decision victory over former world champion, Paulie Ayala in November to regain the vacant WBC Featherweight title. The early rounds were close, but Morales started to dominate in the middle rounds, consistently landing the harder punches and Ayala's left eye began to swell.

cosmogonicos definicion yahoo dating

He slowed his pace in the late rounds and Ayala rallied, but Morales rocked him with a series of punches in the 12th round. He scored three knockdowns and stopped Croft in the 3rd round. There is some evidence that he was a difficult character, aware of his exceptional talent, but incapable of getting along with those of lesser musical abilities. He made severe demands on the singers in his employ, alienated employers, and likely came across as arrogant.

cosmogonicos definicion yahoo dating

In spite of this, he was regarded as one of the finest composers in Europe around the middle of the 16th century. He wrote many massessome of spectacular difficulty, most likely written for the expert papal choir; he wrote over motets ; and he wrote 18 settings of the Magnificatand at least five settings of the Lamentations of Jeremiah one of which survives from a single manuscript in Mexico.

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The Magnificats alone set him apart from other composers of the time, and they are the portion of his work most often performed today. Stylistically, his music has much in common with other middle Renaissance work of the Iberian peninsula, for example a preference for harmony heard as functional by the modern ear root motions of fourths or fifths being somewhat more common than in, for example, Gombert or Palestrinaand a free use of harmonic cross-relations rather like one hears in English music of the time, for example in Thomas Tallis.

Some unique characteristics of his style include the rhythmic freedom, such as his use of occasional three-against-four polyrhythmsand cross-rhythms where a voice sings in a rhythm following the text but ignoring the meter prevailing in other voices.

Late in life he wrote in a sober, heavily homophonic style, but all through his life he was a careful craftsman who considered the expression and understandability of the text to be the highest artistic goal. He was hired by them and the Gulf Cartel in the late s for his experience moving contraband across the border. The Laredo—Nuevo Laredo area is a lucrative smuggling route for narcotics because of the Interstate 35 highway, which serves as a strategic pathway to San Antonio, Austin, and Dallas for future drug distribution.

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While in power, he orchestrated a number of assassinations in American cities and in Mexico by young U. These recruits, sometimes called Zetitas "Little Zetas"usually joined organized crime as young as twelve-years old to work first as smugglers and later as paid assassins. The latter cartel concentrated its efforts in northeastern Mexico, becoming dominant there.

Los Zetas started to expand into other criminal activities beyond drug trafficking.