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sinonimo de bondadoso yahoo dating

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Que la Paz Prevalezca en la Tierra! Break away from the matrix of your past illusions and discover the new you. Receive new consciousness for greater clarity, wisdom, and source energy. We come together from all different spectrums of reality to bridge the rainbow of consciousness. This is the eleventh consecutive year BrilliantlyMad has hosted the Family Reunion gathering. On our journey this year we will light our internal flame together and progress through the seven Chakras.

We will first liberate ourselves through the cosmos into transcendence then manifest our visions back down to ground our intentions. Your journey at Family Reunion 11 is personal yet amongst friends. As we lift others they in turn lift us, ascending together. Retreating from the outside to go clearly within, you are invited inward to rediscover your core being. Our intention by the end of this gathering is to elevate consciousness, feel more uplifted, radiate more joy and vitality, and have a stronger connection with your precious body temple and God source.

Everyone participating will design a personal contract for their journey while supporting each other as we transform together. Each person will be asked to share some of their personal magic at the event--whether it be decorating or building structures, leading a workshop, preparing a meal, reciting music, organizing and coordinating people, design, volunteer or anything else your heart desires.

This event is aligned with the Mayan New Year! Friday is the end of the calendar year and Sunday begins the New Year No doubt that even the textures and fillings, which are the basis of opening up these window spaces which are each painting and some of their configured perspectives; they are all the continuations of a chapter already staged, but into which has been built an accent of malevolence, of redemptive disbelief, of reflection and opportunity, a collection of sensations, at first full and later mutilated, wonderfully mutilated.

As spectators we ask the reasons why an island and Caribbean painter is looking for the root of this pictorial fate.

And it is because this island painter, this renaissance virtuoso on this Caribbean island, makes of it a regenerative and diachronic element to compose a contemporary breeze that deals with the irony and the glorification of the act of painting, in order to bring us into a rereading of historical synthesis while being at the same time affectionately mendacious. Classic, mocking; a perfectionist, he is focused on his work having enough fantastic culmination to dive both into the idyll as into the interrogative sense of what can happen if at a given time all these characters come out of the frame, which is what they are seeking-their lust for life and immortality- and accompany us for life.

Perhaps even he wonders what this beginning of the XXI century means to signal a plastic horizon that seeks re-enacting paths, which are not easy to punish with expiration through a hidden and abstract encryption. If this were so, we would be, as observers, in the orbit of his work which begins at the end and continues until the beginning, of the cock that has grown so much because it is a symbol of rebellion that at the last minute accommodates itself in that initial place without take the next step.

Would there be room for him beyond? In short, there is no doubt that his creative conception springs from unusual presuppositions that add delight, splendor, iconoclastic decay and ludic insemination in a territory that needs this to calm all its accumulated thirst. Aixa-an Arabic-sounding name- a mischievous and laughing Sanjuanera that, like a hurricane, sets us right in the heart of the Caribbean. And in the eye of the storm where everything is calm- winks at us with powerful and evocative work, with her sinuous femininity and bold mania for telling us stories.

Aixa shows us, in that time halted in the center of the cyclone, the pictorial substance of which dreams are made, the passion and the poetry of her work. Aixa Requena is a provocateur. Through colors, pictorial forms and photographical substrates assembled in glass boxes, the artist provokes us to rethink the world in its constant and rapid evolution.

Aixa Requena is not so easily seduced. Aixa Requena proposes, instead, a dialogue in which the universe of shapes becomes meaningful way beyond the mere act of looking. In her creative world mythic and everyday space and time converge simultaneously, legendary, intimate and timeless. Her proffer is more risky, and therefore breaks with the tradition that paradoxically is sustained and evoked in each piece.

Hence the nostalgia of her canvases. The melancholy that grips us when we behold her work. Through the colonial archways of her studio, which overlooks the splendid San Juan Bay in Puerto Rico, Aixa has been forging her pictorial corpus. Nothing is as it seems. The artist leads us to a constant and complex critical review of certainties and beliefs.

sinonimo de bondadoso yahoo dating

In the wonderland of her work, this Caribbean Alice places us before a door, which, when opened, shows us our own reflection in the mirror, or the reinterpretation of ancient myths and the rewriting of a buried story. Over the course of three decades of expressive search and incessant formal experimentation, the artist has woven her own language.

A story open to the sea like an Antillean horizon. The sea, as a starting point to launch herself into the challenge of exploration. A sea in the peaceful calm of a tranquil turquoise blue, a sea sometimes enraged whose waves pound furiously to provide a new contour and an unfathomable tonality to the shapes.

Times that are woven in a continuous swaying, like ocean waves: Evocations that intertwine with a personal imagery and converge in the mystery of her work. We also rode on the New York subway with her for a journey to the pulsating center of the city where her gaze recreates a wonderful experience. To capture her pictorial world the artist experiments with technical resources such as photographical printing on canvas and other surfaces.

She pours photo emulsion on aluminum to create effects and uses digital techniques and videos in her installations.

In her most recent pieces, Requena works with three-dimensional boxes, creating holographic appearances. The result is a 3D reality, with a conceptual wink indicating that not everything is as it looks A game of perceptions and perspectives. Her eloquent content, her narrative, sustains the image.

Aixa Requena is like her Caribbean Sea, peaceful and disturbing at the same time. If any color evokes her gaze it is the intense noontime blue in the sea visible from the archways of her San Juan studio. Aixa is turquoise blue color. Aixa Requena es una provocadora. Nada es como parece. Una historia abierta al mar como horizonte antillano. Un juego de percepciones y perspectivas. Su elocuente contenido, su narrativa, sustenta la imagen. Aixa Requena es como su mar Caribe, apacible e inquietante a la vez.

Aixa es color azul turquesa. The figurative world seemed rich enough in both the pictography as in the history as to imagine myself analyzing, trying to decipher feelings and ideas, vital moments in the life of an artist between lines and patches of color.

Not all artists, figurative or not, manage to convey that feeling of satisfaction when you look at their work, so why does Pedro? Pedro has achieved, in my opinion, the most difficult aspect in the journey of an artist: More than solo exhibitions and many more collective, private and institutional collections and well-known awards in his native country Cuba and outside of it, in a vouch for career of relentless pursuit and steady pace.

To impose oneself artistically is costly, although it may seem ironic, few artists are able to live fully supported by their art and create their place in a very elitist and competitive world.

sinonimo de bondadoso yahoo dating

He is an artist of strong temperament, but he does not let that impulsivity mark his work, the space is always somehow delimited, within it he unleashes movement, spontaneity, he controls emotions, but they are there. This explosive containment is full of signs and evocations and displays the different environments, moments, feelings in which they were created, although without deviating from his own personal stamp and voice which translate major changes in his life.

How can a combination of colors, lines and forms enable us see sadness, happiness, passion, restraint Contemporary Art Space trailerparkproyects. These sources provide a set of universal archetypes that allow me to re-interpret our current socio-economic and cultural conditions holistically, viewing world history as cyclical and interconnected from an archetypal perspective.

This enables me to emulate indoctrination strategies and devices from the time of the conquest of the Americas in order to provide historical continuity and a link between the colonial and the neo-colonial narratives. Living in an information age with transnational corporations acting as the new colonial powers, I recreate intimate 2-D theater stages where I appropriate, recontextualize and orchestrate figures from history, religion, mythology and pop culture into anachronisms, parodies and satirical narratives that mirror my experience of the world today.

After obtaining a B. I am also represented by Petrus Gallery in Puerto Rico.

Latin American Art 4

For more information you may contact me at retabloarts gmail. Maykel Herrera offers his palette and shows us his readings through a brush that projects a wide array of realities. Those who have come close up to his infants, learn of tenderness and intelligent discourse, learn of the work of a man who assimilates existence amid constant renovations, amid certainties and avatars, between the back and forth of a fan that becomes a cool breeze inside Cuban visualization.

His work grows and the followers who discover it, widen his routes which are at the same time, of an artist who proposes, suggests, mobilizes thought from seduction, from elements which we recognize as ours and which perhaps achieve their maximum expression, in that instant recognition by the senses. The colors emerge with the vitality of the stokes, with the beauty contained in these works that provoke you to keep your wide eyes open and in which to close them would be to ignore the worlds that are bequeathed to us by Maykel Herrera.

He is a painter, a chronicler who knows how to record his ideas, supported by a prodigious combination of image and reality. From out of these spaces, for which he has taken ownership for himself and for all, the artist does not desist and opens various doors that shed lights. The black and white abstract, and many of his truths, are present in the heartbeat of this creator who goes beyond the commonly known, to that childhood that paints with full maturity.

Of the obsession with canvasses, of the mysteries of existence to the reality of a painting, of art as synonymous with the soul, Maykel Herrera gives us answers and concerning these beliefs, new questions are generated inside us.

The visible, perfectly drawn, tells of the edges that are with us every day, tells us true life stories wherein people recognize themselves. The legitimate artist invites us to experience other lives in motion, moves us to know real communions, in which reason and the heart coincide in favor of the viewer.

The light is grateful to art; to exist for art, is to be light. The painter with his canvas, a palette and a brush, embroiders and recreates, defends himself and saves us from indolence, from blindness. The study, the inquiries, the incessancy that becomes essence comes only if we actually go out and get it.

Maykel Herrera continues to breathe in so far as he is creating and finding these callings which emerge from the consciousness of an artist.

Aloud, in chorus, with music and to the rhythm of his own life, he gives us these compositions, those tones, these magical touches, necessary for any artistic journey. The challenges become his daily bread. So it has been since he knew could paint the world in the space and time that looms out on his daily life.

The preponderant role of what he exhibits attracts and convokes for dissimilar reasons. For many, Maykel Herrera is a forceful truth within Cuban art. His voice is heard through the eyes, hung on the walls of a society that is not alien to him. Whoever has not run to his call, they are still in time to arrive and unlock the mysteries of the work that ranks him high and in the forefront of everyone else.

Perhaps, because of all this and all that we still have to codify, we can affirm, that the rest will not be silence Quienes se han acercado a sus infantes, saben de ternuras y discursos inteligentes, saben del hacer de un hombre que asimila el existir entre renovaciones constantes, entre certezas y avatares, entre el ir y venir de un abanico que se vuelve brisa fresca dentro de la visualidad cubana. Desde esos espacios que ha hecho suyos y para todos, el artista no desiste y abre diversas puertas que arrojan luces.

sinonimo de bondadoso yahoo dating

La luz agradece al arte; existir para el arte, es luz. El pintor con su tela, una paleta y un pincel, borda y recrea, se defiende y nos salva de la indolencia, de la ceguera.

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El estudio, las indagaciones, lo incesante que se hace esencia nos llega solo si en realidad, salimos a buscarlo. Maykel Herrera va respirando en la medida en que va creando y encontrando esos llamados que emergen de la conciencia de un artista. Dicen que en el mundo del arte todo se transforma, cambia y renace, el trabajo de Alberto lo demuestra.

Esto lo podemos apreciar principalmente en varias esculturas taurinas. Esto le ha permitido ganarse un lugar en este maravilloso mundo del arte. Su mayor deseo, afirma, es seguir creando y que su obra trascienda fronteras y tiempo. Acabado, esmalte de alto brillo Alto: Serie de 5 piezas. Acabado, esmalte de alto brillo. Serie de 7 piezas. Starting from his early works he is noticeably free, but close to realism, a reflection of his autonomous training, he quickly proceeds to the mythological terrain already with a notable abstraction, he is attracted to fantastic characters, such as mermaids, minotaurs and centaurs, over time, he also includes the female body, horses and particularly his marvelous taurine sculptures, each time more abstract and geometric, with a style that has evolved, that has matured, which is the result of an arduous struggle to be different, to constantly change and break with the conventional.

A notable feature is the balance and harmony achieved between the force of the lines and an imposing volume, resulting in a work of great aesthetics and superb workmanship. We see this primarily in several taurine sculptures. This has earned him a place in this wonderful world of art. He says he does not know where his inspiration comes from, he says that ideas are always there, flowing, manifesting themselves at any time. When he starts a new project, he outlines directly on the plasticine, strangely, he hardly ever draws.

Creator of about sculptures, all documented and with very unique titles such as: He has already attracted the interest of collectors and fans of the old world and of North America. His greatest wish, he says, is to continue creating and that his works transcend borders and time.

The truth that underlies in the subconscious despite the deterioration of existential experience. With this title I refer myself to a reality that traces the path in the subconscious of the psyche through the appearance of a desired dream. They are interpretations and metaphysic approximations of a state or phase, that which my body lies resting, even though the psyche continues working on the drawing in a constant state of creativity. From here is where my interpretations in the pictorial plane arise.

Unusual and strange thoughts for some, but a natural phenomenon for myself.